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  1. Hello, Having had this problem twice before & moving to Beta programs each time I've just renamed the file as suggested with OLD at the end and discovered the toolbox. The plugins that I have are Nik. Regards, Julius
  2. Thank you Alfred, I need to learn to read properly! Many thanks MEB. Once again the Beta works well. Thanks again for all your assistance. It has been much appreciated. JuliusM
  3. Hi MEB, I've tried it on both Sierra and now High Sierra. Still no Tool Box. Can I just get another Beta version? Julius
  4. Hello MEB, I've done exactly as you suggested with reinstalling the app but with no success. I then decided it could be a problem with my mac so I have reinstalled it's entire drive, then reinstalled the app. Now I don't seem to get any boxes at all. Just a strip down the side: Or if I turn off Show Tools I get a blank area, and still no access to Dock Tools: I appreciate all your thoughts, Julius
  5. Thanks for considering MEB, I'm only using one monitor. I did your suggested clear, but things haven't changed. It's so frustrating when the Beta version was working well. Regards, Julius
  6. Here are some better images. These appear in random; whether 'Show Tools', 'Dock Tools', or 'Customise Tools' have been selected and occasionally nothing comes in view, despite choices being made: If both 'Dock Tools' and 'Show Tools' are selected and I deselect 'Show Tools' then 'Dock Tools' is unable to be deselected (that could be usually but I don't remember that it is): It means the program is unable to be used so I would appreciate any assistance. Regards, Julius
  7. Hey, Every time I click out of Affinity the toolbox disappears. So here is a really bad photo taken with my phone. Thanks for looking
  8. I removed the old and downloaded the new 1.6.6 (through the Apple app store) onto my 5k mac. When I open the program the toolbox is on screen but is completely empty. All the View drop down menu does is change the dimensions of the empty box. Here I read about a similar problem occurring earlier which was solved when the program was removed and reinstalled. But after doing this (including a computer reboot) nothing has changed. Prior to this, the 1.6.6 Beta program (now removed) was working fine. Help!

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