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  1. The help file for Designer says, Once you have a pixel selection in place, it can be modified in several ways. You can modify your pixel selection by enlarging or shrinking it, applying a feather to its edge, and/or by smoothing its curve. These options are available from the Select menu as Grow/Shrink, Feather, and Smooth, respectively. In the drop down from the main Select tab, all sub selections are greyed out under all circumstances that I have tried. These include: Grow/Shrink; feather; smooth; refine edges; and outline. Is this a program glitch or SUE? Thanks
  2. This may sound like a paid advert, but a big thank you to the Serif team is long overdue from me, a convert from Adobe's overpriced offerings. I have been using a vector illustration tool since Freehand 5, and have made a large part of my living by doing auto technical illustrations with A.I. since Adobe absorbed FH. The Affinity team deserves a series of High-Fives for their intelligently designed and intuitive software programs. As I transition from A.I. to Designer, the learning curve is far less imposing when I use their supporting tutorials, all of which have been carefully planned and splendidly scripted. The voice-overs are clearly articulated, with screen captures that highlight the commands and visual cues needed to duplicate various processes and procedures. Thank you. In an age when morons at Microsoft and Google generate user interfaces that commonly come across as a bad inside joke at IT, it is a pleasure to see an intuitive and user friendly software interface like yours. Moreover, while all software goes through temporary setbacks and minor glitches from time to time, these programs (Designer and Photo) seem to me to be rock solid and stable. Thanks. Keep it up. (I can't wait to replace InDesign with the Affinity replacement.) Otto
  3. These are truly amazing. The narration is articulate and cuts straight to the heart of the matter. The blow-ups of drop down menus and selections eliminate doubt. The tuts are so well done that they sold me on Affinity Photo, which I have purchased with no subsequent regrets. I have enjoyed using them to master each feature. In the words of a great English poet, you have managed to both teach and delight.
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