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  1. How can there not be a grouping of swatches available??? It must be more fun to scroll through hundreds of pallets!! Or is there a way around that? Am I missing something? Hoping someone knows a workaround, and just really wondering why they wouldn't make this a priority.
  2. Richard. I have many Udemy courses and can say I have been very satisfied with all of the ones I have watched so far. I have ten by Jeremy Hazel, and six by Simon Foster, and I am sure they will show you most everything you need to know and many ways of executing all kinds of different actions for many different projects. "The Complete Guide to Photo Editing in Affinity Photo" by Jeremy Hazel is a course with 19 hours of video and shows you just a whole lot of functions, tricks and tips.
  3. I am having a similar problem. I can "create a pallet from image" up to 5 colours. Any more than that it crashes the program. I have seen several videos of people creating up to 15 colours with no problem. Since others have asked about this, is there some fix I am not aware of? I am using Photo 1.8.3
  4. Thanks. I had not noticed it there at the very top. I also did not know about the Floated mode. That can be really useful at times.
  5. Where do you find the project (or photo) name when only one photo is open? After closing several (except for one) that were open at once, you cannot see a name for the one that is still open anywhere.
  6. Thanks for your help Stokerg. I have them now. Just needed to try a different route.
  7. Thanks Stokerg. I will, but I was wondering if others using Affinity had bought photos from Adobe Stock and used them successfully in Affinity Design without involving any other Adobe products.
  8. I have an account with Adobe Stock for images, but have dropped my Creative Cloud. Is there anyway I can get those images without signing back up with Creative Cloud?
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