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    Cannot Save to iCloud Drive!

    Paul, many thanks for your suggestion and advice. The maually created directories did stick, thank you. Unless I resist my OCD tendencies, I might just uninstall/reinstall the apps to see if that triggers the auto creation of the directories on saving a file. Thanks once again.
  2. Squibbmeister

    Cannot Save to iCloud Drive!

    I realise that there are other threads on the forum concerning the ability to save to iCloud Drive, (and that many of have been these marked as fixed) but these “fixes” do not resolve my issues when trying to save files to iCloud from both AP for Mac and AP iPad. Like some other members, I don’t consistently see a directory for Affinity Photo on my Mac and never on my iPad. When I save a file to iCloud from my Mac, the process creates an AP directory and saves an "alias" of the file in the newly created directory, with the original file being saved in the root directory of iCloud. If I move the original file from the root into the AP directory, it deletes the AP directory and the file is also deleted as a consequence. If I do not move the original "*.afphoto" file into the AP directory, it simply remains in the root directory of the iCloud drive, but its alias and the AP directory disappear after an hour or two! I have taken a screenshot of the iCloud directory (in Finder) as well as the simultaneous view of the directory on iPad while mirrored on the Mac via Reflector. This shows clearly that the AP directory is listed in Finder on Mac but is absent from the view on iPad. The same file is also shown in the root and AP directories. I have also provided a screenshot of the file info showing to be an alias. Another anomaly is that the Affinity Designer directory that does appear in the browser on iPad, shows the icon for AP for iPad! There seems to be no consistency, even though my iCloud settings appear to be correct and all other files/apps are synchronising as expected. Any help/advice would be appreciated — I can’t believe that these are characteristic features for the correct operation of these apps. Many thanks.
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