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  1. Ade19


    Hi, At the moment the Stabiliser doesn't work in Rope or Window mode when using the Pen tool. At least not like it does in Designer. ta Ade
  2. Ade19

    Personas in Publisher Beta

    Thanks @Pauls and @Chris_K.
  3. Hi, Installed Publisher on 2009 MBP running EL Capitan V10.11.6 with any problems. Initial quick test seems OK but, and not sure if this is an issue, if I click on Vector Persona I get this message in attached screen shot. Same occurs if I click Photo Persona. I have the latest App Store version of Affinity Photo and Designer. thanks Ade
  4. Ade19

    RAW file problem with AP1.6.6

    Hi MEB, Many thanks for reply and the explanation. I have now learned another new thing about Affinity as didn't know about the Assistant Manager so off to play about with it's various settings to see what effect they have on a raw image. Ade
  5. Hi, I've noticed an issue when opening raw files in AP1.6.6 that I'm sure wasn't there in the previous version. Also it doesn't show up when I use Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), Lightroom or just Preview in OSX El Capitan. It seems as if Affinity is showing more of the image, if you view the attached screen shots Affinity is showing a lot more of the leaves in the top right corner as well as a dark band across the top of the image. Lightroom is showing less of the leaves in the top right corner and no dark band. Preview and ACR display the image the same is Lightroom. I use a Panasonic compact TZ60 raw files. Affinity displays the equivalent jpg without this problem. Just checked in LR the image is 3264 x 4896 pixels and in Affinity it is 3280 x 4912 regards Ade

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