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  1. *****UPDATE: WINNER HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED***** ...and we have a winner! DRUM ROLL PLEASE... Congratulations to Katie Porter! :D For those who didn't win, we are just putting together some freebie content we will be offering up on the Affinity Blog next week so I hope that softens the blow a bit and I hope you like them! Thanks to all who took part, we really appreciate all your support :wub: *********************************************************************************************** As you may know, we now have a few iPad Pros at Affinity HQ and will be starting to devote more time to developing versions of Affinity for it in the coming months. They are incredible bits of kit, and we think—especially in conjunction with the Pencil (and Affinity when it's available!)—the iPad Pro will be a serious tool for creatives. Want to get your hands on one? We're entering anyone who helps spread our amazing App of the Year news on social media into a free draw! All you need to do is: Follow us on Twitter and retweet this tweet OR Like our Facebook page and share this post The winner will be chosen at random and announced on this forum thread sometime on Friday the 18th December. Best of luck! Kate
  2. Hi BertranD, We have no plans to attend this particular exhibition, but it looks great! Maybe we can look into it for next year? **** Salut Bertrand , Nous avons pas l'intention d'assister à cette exposition particulière , mais il ressemble beaucoup ! Peut-être que nous pouvons examiner la question pour l'année prochaine ?
  3. Our new branding is now available in our latest beta versions (and release candidates!) - Affinity Photo RC-3: http://bit.ly/1THRiSL - Affinity Designer: http://bit.ly/1NjSxm4 A little bit different to what we showcased last week... worth checking out ;)
  4. Hi Catur, There are many things you need to know when publishing material, especially that you will profit from, in terms of the legalities. I will try and cover some of this here, but I can’t stress enough that my reply is only to give you an idea and is no substitute for you getting proper legal counsel… Serif owns the copyright for all Affinity software, and all Affinity and Serif logos/branding. Any use of these would require obtaining a written permission from us and we would need to approve an outline of your project. Essentially, this is just to protect our users so that they know which products and content come from Affinity/Serif and which content doesn’t. You may still publish a book about Affinity without our seal of approval — but you should really have a disclaimer stating that. In terms of any visual content you would wish to include, you would need to be aware of the following: 1. Any content created by Serif or anyone we have employed to create content for us, is licensed to Serif. This is also goes for any stock photography, videos and music we use. So you couldn’t just use content from our sample artwork in your ezine, you would need to create your own original works or commission a designer(s) for this purpose. 2. If you are going to create (or commission) content from designer and photographers for you to use in your ebook, you will have to consider copyright laws in every territory you are looking to publish your book in to see what the restrictions are. For example, this is an interesting article on American copyright law in terms of Travel Photography: http://photosecrets.com/do-i-need-permission Hope that helps a bit, it's a wide subject and it really does depend on what you are hoping to include in your project and where/how you are hoping to publish it! If you need any further help off the forum in regards to this you can email me at kmusgrove@serif.com. All the best, Kate
  5. Hi Matt, We already do both a test send (more than one) and a plain text version... so I'm a bit flummoxed! Do you have this problem with any other email list you are subscribed to? We haven't had any other reports of issues with receiving our mail but I would like to get to the bottom of what is happening with yours? Thanks too for bringing this to our attention. Also here is the full email text for you: ________________________________________________________________ Changes to our pricing As you might have read in the news recently, Apple have just changed their pricing matrix for all apps on the Mac and iOS App Stores. This is largely down to the current strength of the US dollar, but they have also made adjustments based on VAT changes in some territories. We wanted you to know that, while we have not changed the price of Affinity Designer ourselves (we just specify a US dollar price and that remains at $49.99), their updated matrix does mean the price has now increased in the UK (to £39.99) and in Europe (to €49.99) as well as many other countries. What's the good news? The good news is that we are still celebrating being named Apple’s 2014’s App of the Year Runner-Up with at least 20% off our list price until midnight tomorrow (14th January). So if you haven’t got it already, grab it while you can from the Mac App Store at the offer price of just £29.99/€39.99/$39.99! All the best, The Affinity Team
  6. Affinity Review Issue 1 is now available in PDF format: http://bit.ly/1sTgkPq Please be aware that it will take a while to load, as it is even bigger than the iBooks version. In the battle of size versus quality content, content won ;)
  7. Have you checked out our help files? AD shortcuts are all available there in a list?
  8. The creative guys here at Serif Labs knocked up keyboard shortcuts cheat sheets - hope you find them useful! Now updated PDFs for 1.4 Affinity Photo Affinity Designer Both together
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