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  1. Portrait checkbox doesn't rotate the object inside the document, unfortunately. Only changes dimensions of the canvas.
  2. I know there's a workaround "Insert Artboard -> Transform -> Rotate -> Delete Artboard -> Keep Children", but if possible please add the ability to rotate the document in 1 click.
  3. Please add this feature like in Photoshop. Sometimes there is a need to add 2 or 3 effects of Dropping Shadow or Glow on one object for more realistic effects. Instead of manually drawing these effects, it could be faster with +1 fx.
  4. I apologize, these are already present. Thanks for pointing this out.
  5. My main tools in work are Concepts, Procreate and Affinity Designer on iPad, and Affinity Designer + Photoshop on Desktop. I am also learning Publisher just because it's beautiful. The first two apps are pieces of art, and they just work. Every tool you need is just there. They don't stand in the way and let you create anything you can imagine. And do it impeccably. While I am absolutely passionate about Affinity products, unfortunately, I can't say the same about Designer. It's amazing to be able to have one part of work in pencil draft and other beautifully rendered in one document. Affinity Designer does it like no one else. But there is constantly something that needs to be done in 4 or 5 steps when it could be done in 1. These unnecessary complications constantly ruin the state of "flow," which is the most precious element in our field of work. I'll create requests for each topic, but they are all part of this one architecture, in my opinion. One philosophy. There is no option to create my own tools. E.g., I can't create an 8 px pencil with specific red color (as in Photoshop or Concepts). I need to choose the brush in one palette (why no context menu), then select the color separately. which brings us to Color chooser. The palette is small and non-resizeable. There is a bigger Color Chooser palette, but I can't open it without double-clicking the color. And no shortcut. Ok, I can just drag the Color palette (Some illustrators use the same workaround on Youtube) and let it float in the center, but then it blocks the view. Ok, I can at least add a shortcut to Color studio to show/hide it. But then I encounter this bug. The panel just won't open in full screen again. I want to create a layer with a Multiply effect quickly, in one step. No Actions (like in Photoshop). Ok, at least a keyboard shortcut; I'll add it to the Intuos Pro menu or the Astropad menu for faster work. Again none. No ability to quickly go through the layers like Opt + [ ] in Photoshop. Same, no shortcuts. Palm rejection is terrible on the iPad version. Thing of evil. But if it is so awful, please, bring the small toggle bar somewhere close. Instead, I have to close the document, enter settings, check-uncheck "only for gestures," and re-open the document. Same thing with the "Select object when it intersects with marquee." Sometimes I need it, and sometimes I don't need it. In Concepts, it's solved beautifully in the marquee section. Why no keyboard shortcut or tiny checkbox in the V tool? These and many-many-many other small things combine and, instead of providing leisure after good creative work, provide many repetitions of battling these small mundane tasks.
  6. Here is the screen recording of the respective part. RPReplay_Final1637553822.mov
  7. Recently I stumbled upon a tutorial that describes the beautiful feature of associating a brush to a specific tool. However, it is present only in Photo. Please add this feature in Designer as well.
  8. +1 for request. It is very annoying to always run with the stylus or mouse to the corner to choose color when painting. It's nice to choose color on iPad version, but on Mac it's very unfriendly.
  9. It was selected text, I encountered this bug while examining Frey & König sample document in Publisher. However, after I created a new document and tried the same, it worked. So probably some weird bug with the document.
  10. I stumbled upon the same issue in Affinity Publisher 1.10.4 Hovering the fonts in the list doesn't affect their preview.
  11. I talk about something with capabilities like in this video. 00:10-00:15 sec. After drawing curves with a brush, there are so many unnecessary points that distort the "streamline" of the curve that it's easier to redraw the curve again with the pen from scratch. This feature would be a huge timesaver for people whose workflow is similar to mine.
  12. I tried several different modificators, including Ctrl+Alt+Backspace and Cmd+Alt+Backspace, but unfortunately, node is deleted in the same way. I'm using Mac, maybe there is different keystroke. So this feature is already present?
  13. After selecting the node and pressing backspace, Affinity removes the node, and the new line is redrawn based on 2 bezier nodes closest to deleted one. Simple and to the point. Would it be possible to add smart removal of the node? Something that approximates how the line was with the node existing and does the math to change those 2 closest nodes accordingly. To remove redundant nodes, but to save the curve. It might be a challenging task, but the Astute Graphics plugin called Vectorscribe for Illustrator did many similar tricks in an instant. I bought a new version of it every time while using Illustrator just for this exclusive feature. Perhaps, some tools are so vitally needed in Affinity that it might not be a wild option to crowdfund for them?
  14. Thanks a lot for help! It works with switching this off and re-selecting objects. Hope there is a keyboard shortcut for this modifier.
  15. After selecting several objects from different layers, when I try to move them all at once by click-dragging, one object moves and all other stay in place. Only when I click-drag topmost object they move all together. Recorded a video: Affinity Designer Bug.mp4
  16. Also, if layers are color-coded (orange, red, etc.), snapshots remove all the information about this. If I have 100+ color-coded layers, it's problematic to return to the previous snapshot.
  17. Right now, they lack few very basic features: - Key shortcut "add a new snapshot." I have to open the panel and aim for the tiny button instead of one click. I couldn't find any shortcuts in Preferences. - Double-clicking on a snapshot loads the snapshot. Right now, again, I need to train in aiming. - Shortcut for "new document from a snapshot". Or maybe double-click with modifier. Also, symbols in snapshots don't behave properly. If I update the symbol in the last version, it will be updated in all snapshots starting from the first.
  18. Yes, gradient stops, thank you. It should be very easy and minor thing since it's just a property. Affinity already provides saving color palette from selection or image, which is a much more complex task.
  19. Thank you, Graphite Addict. Placing a new symbol requires much more energy when the symbol is complex and is nested inside groups and layers. In big projects, this is a very daunting task. I'll provide another example. I have a symbol with 30 objects inside, 7 of them tweaked (complex infographics part). I open the project in few days and see that I need to revert 3 of them to the original version. It's more logical to look inside the symbol in the layers panel and re-sync 3 out of 7 with an orange dotted line than to delete the whole symbol because of it and place another. There might be an even better way to handle and organize symbols, but this software behavior is intuitively expected when looking at the layers panel.
  20. While working with symbols and editing some instances, sometimes there is a need to revert and inherit properties of the original symbol. Now the only way to do this is to delete the instance and copy the original symbol again. It would be more handy to inherit the original property from the object in mother symbol.
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