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  1. LeapofDeath

    Gaussian Blur will not apply

    Okay, thanks, and no problem with the wait - happy to know I wasn't just missing something!
  2. LeapofDeath

    Gaussian Blur will not apply

    Hi, Uploading the .afphoto file. I was trying to export to PDF for print initially, but then I was also trying to flatten the image so that I could quickly use it with some other text. I also tried to merge down a few layers, but had the same issue. I've found that I can export it to .png or .jpg without a problem if done from the File menu of the Photo persona, but when I tried to export a square area of the document as a .png in the Export persona, I had the same trouble with blur disappearing again!
  3. LeapofDeath

    Gaussian Blur will not apply

    Hi all, First time posting here, so I hope this is the appropriate place... I'm creating an image with multiple layers - I run a small theatre company and this image will be used to promote a touring show. It's a countryside scene with a group standing in the middle, and around the edge I have a black silhouette of leaves, branches, rushes, etc. to frame the picture. I've applied a light (1-2px) gaussian blur as a live filter to these silhouette layers in order to soften them and give a sense of depth. However, when I export the image, the gaussian blur is removed, and the leaves, etc. appear sharp again, as if I hadn't applied the blur. I tried rasterising the layer before exporting, but when I did, the blur was removed in the resulting pixel layer. I removed the live filter and tried applying the blur as an effect, but when I flatten or export the image it still gets removed. I tried applying the blur as a normal filter - the correct result shows when previewing and moving the slider, but when I hit apply the blur is removed again! I don't know if I'm missing something or whether this is actually a bug, but if anyone can help I'd really appreciate it! Other than this, I'm loving both Photo and Designer!