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  1. It would be great if Serif would come back to the FX panel and upgrade it. I think it's okay but it could be so much better. It's been 7 years now with the same fx and no update. I would like to request that if you could look at making the outer shadow effect not just apply to the original shape its being applied to, but also increase its radius when an outer bevel is applied.
  2. I work in print for the most part. So 300 is standard is it not?
  3. so only clicking the image once will retain the dpi as the original? BTW is this mentioned in any guide or tutorial?
  4. Is there a way to insert linked images that will all have 300 dpi? I've found that my linked images in a Photo doc are all over the place-although the files themselves are not these weird placed DPI resolutions. Little lost here. I think I'm making my files too big and this may be why.
  5. Thanks, a better method to the design I have would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I heard Ash say something about 600 million objects... lol I know it has nothing to do with my situation.
  7. Is the new update going to take care of these types of situations?
  8. This file is 3.667 x 8.5 in made in Publisher. All vector. Why is the file 59 MB?
  9. Why is it in Designer for MacOS? Was this reply before it was implemented into Designer for MacOS?
  10. Well I didn't place to begin with so maybe that's why? I had embedded images, including eps files that in the resource manager, I was changing to linked and the one that it wouldn't do it with was the eps files.
  11. Can you please allow EPS files to be used as links? I noticed that every other format of file is allowable except this one. But its the one I use most! Mostly for small versions of artwork created for spec sheets.
  12. @Dan C Hi never heard from again after sending this file over. Any luck?
  13. Why in the Highlight of Outer bevel when set to NORMAL blend mode it is really transparent in the FX panel? I can't make it a solid opaque color, the background always shows through.
  14. Is there a way for Designer to show all the recovery files that were left open in one window instead of going one by one and telling the app to open each and every one? Takes a long time. I'm one of those that has several open all the time and when Designer crashes (unfortunately), I have to go through this process. Just think that having a list would be better. Just an idea! 😀
  15. I just wanted to know, if there is away to adjust the profile of the interior strokes?
  16. Can you post your new trick in a tutorial? These are the types of effects us old schoolers still want to be able to do in Photo!
  17. 1. macOS Big Sur 2.MAS latest release 3.Network location 4. Can't remember if I had to force quit at the time of corruption, but I don't remember having any issues with this file up until the last save. So in other words, I opened a this file and it suddenly gave me the corrupt file message. Uploading file.
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