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  1. I hope to be able to add effects to individual parts of fills and strokes inside a multi stroke multi fill style. Ex. I'd like to add a inside shadow to the red letters only.
  2. Let's hope the pattern making capabilities are at the forefront for the devs this coming year. I hate to admit that the AI for iPad has some nifty ways of making them and also a very intuitive radial repeat function.
  3. I often see Designer or Photo take a long time to populate the thumbnails in the layers panel. I would like these to be faster so I can work faster but if the thumbnails don't show up I have to guess what layer I'm on.
  4. How do I explain the issues I have if I don't add an explanation of my issue or where I have an issue? I don't expect the devs to know what wrong if I just send my file.
  5. How do you know what I want you to look at in my issues with referencing this post?
  6. Where can I send a file to? I'm still having issues.
  7. Could it be possible to drop or insert an asset above a highlighted layer?
  8. Inside of Outline mode lets me do everything including direct selecting if needed, or highlight the text if needed. All of this is good, I'm just wishing this functionality was available in Preview mode.
  9. Great, thanks but couldn't it just be good as well to do this without jumping into Outline Mode? It seems so easy to do it inside this mode though, they should just let us do it.
  10. How does this work when it's clicked and unclicked? I can't see a difference.
  11. Sometimes I have text inside of groups that it gets hard to access it to make a change. Unless some one can fill me in on how to select it when it's buried inside a group, it would be nice to double click the text in the layers panel and it highlight the text on the canvas so we can make edits.
  12. How do I add the latest swatches into Designer from the Pantone website? I can add them to illustrator but Designer does not allow importing color books, only .ase files.
  13. It would be nice to delete multiple swatches at once by shift-clicking them and pressing delete. Right now I have to do it one by one and then be asked if I want to really delete the swatch. This is way too tedious.
  14. I've investigated a little further and it appears that after deleting so many autosave files stuck in the app, this issue I've had is gone.
  15. Since certain modes of snapping make the app freeze, I've found that no snapping is better for me. So it would good if I could engage snapping by using a key combination like for example, ALT dragging. Then disengage after pressing ALT.
  16. Are you saying that by grouping first there will be an option to rasterize all layers in the group with one click?
  17. Working in Designer, I have masks on some layers that the images run off the canvas. When I export this to a PSD file, and then open in Photoshop, I see that Photoshop has cropped these layers from the canvas. The masks are there but they get cropped off the canvas. How can I prevent this?
  18. Yes 4 live filters. 24x36 300dpi CMYK document.
  19. Yes it does. I have switched between Designer and Photo for this file.
  20. Seriously, what would cause such slow processing here? I've been waiting to to rasterize the artboard forever.
  21. I did. Once I saved the stock images out as jpegs to my mac, I reopened them and there they were!
  22. In the channels panel I'm missing the "pixel red, pixel blue and pixel red" section. I have the composites. The images are coming from the integrated stock panel.
  23. If I need to perform an add function to a vector texture that has hundreds of tiny shapes, this action seems to never end. I know its an intensive task but it would be nice if it could be improved upon.
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