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  1. Is there a tutorial on how to install photoshop plugins? I got a freebie AutoFX bundle that I installed but I did have to tinker with where and how I did it, but I did. Maybe people don't know how to do it correctly?
  2. When I use the pen tool in AP to make a precise selection, everything is great except that if I have a "hole" to add to the shape, I can't see how to do this. Can you please help?
  3. I would chop it up and just use one path and change it. Don't think you can do what you want in the app. Not that I know of.
  4. Thanks for your responses. See files attached. For this example I am only talking about the dark grey grouped object. The original file was an AI file saved as an eps. Opened in AD. I am still not convinced that what you're saying is entirely true. I just would like to see the limitations now so I can avoid inefficiencies in my workflow. Screenshot A is from AI to show what it looks like originally. Screenshot B is the file as it looks in AD. Screenshot C is showing that it has a default mode of normal (all grey pieces have normal mode). AD chopped up what was underneath and made new objects in normal mode-hence the new shaped selected. Screenshot E is the same object showing that the shape could have a blend mode of multiply. So I guess I'm trying to show is that AD takes a blend mode (multiply) object and creates an "mimicked" look in normal mode, when in fact it could have a multiply mode applied shown in last screenshot E. The chopped up pieces also is something that I would have to deal with.
  5. What does having this engaged do with nodes? I see that the first button is clear in what it does on-screen, but what do the other two do? Thanks
  6. I may not have been clear, the blend modes and changes were done inside the appearance palette in an EPS file.
  7. I noticed that a "slice" of an eps file created in AI that has blend mode changes and opacity changes, gets rasterized and a mask when you open it in AD. Does AD or AP not recognize blend modes and percentages of opacity from AI?
  8. Photo does not have permission to access my Photos folder. How do I fix this?
  9. You can set the type to be set in points always in the preferences under User Interface>show text in points. On the other, I am pretty sure Designer keeps last settings used. If you create a new doc in mms, it should retain those prefs until you change them again.
  10. See Pic attached. After unsuccessfully trying to replicate a chrome layer style in Designer I was about to give up and chalk this up to Designer just doesn't have the goods, BUT IT DOES! After studying the differences in both apps, I saw that a layer style in PS is going to be created differently in AP or AD. I studied why I wasn't getting the chromey effect in AD, I realized that PS has a gloss contour built into their bevel panel, and AD doesn't so I was stumped a while. Soon realized that gloss contour is almost the same or same as a curves adjustment so after tinkering more I came up with this cool chrome CUSTOM effect! AFFINITY ROCKS!!!
  11. SEE VIDEO ATTACHED. I discovered this workaround for this problem that has been plaguing this app. I too struggled with this at first. The only way I know how to do this is to "trick" the app. So here's how I did it: I am using a triangle as the object I want to rotate and duplicate around a user defined origin. (This is an example of "unique" origin to show that it can be totally user defined.) The crosshairs of the guides is where I want the origin to be on the triangle. Then create a circle based on this origin (use key modifiers to scale from center). MAKE SURE IT IS BIGGER THAN THE OBJECT. Group both objects, Duplicate, or CMD+J, rotate that object to the degree you want (I used shift to constrain to 15 degrees). Then just use CMD+J over and over to finish--if this is what you want to do. Ungroup and delete the circle. Affinity Designer has all the tool we need, we just have to think a little bit. I think we all have just gotten used to Adobe with all their shortcuts. CHEERS! ROTATE FROM ORIGIN.mov
  12. You can already do this, I discussed this here. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/9686-moving-node-mirroring/
  13. Please for the love of God, allow for "i" to be the eyedropper shortcut! Doesn't seem like too much to ask. Great job guys on the latest betas.
  14. Will you add profiles to the effects? or even customizable profiles?
  15. I only know how to move two points further apart by doing this: direct selecting the nodes you want to spread further apart-- then go down to the transform palette and then make sure the reference point is in the middle, also the width and height isn't locked then increase the width value and it will move your points further apart.
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