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  1. Why are the iPad apps always initializing after I move to another app and come back to them?
  2. An easy way to distress text is to apply a rough brush as a stroke once the text has been converted curves. I can't seem to get around getting rid of the gap that forms when I do. I hope this will one day be resolved. Unless someone has a workaround?
  3. Yes I got happy and went too far and my library of brushes disappeared. Back to stock. I will close out of the app from time to time next time I decide I want to put the effort of adding brushes AGAIN. Multi-select importing like on desktop would be so welcome here.
  4. I'll have to pay attention to this if it happens again. I just don't know which ones came from where. I can tell you that these crashes happen when I load the brushes through the iCloud folder on the iPad. That's where they are stored.
  5. I keep having to load my purchased brushes over and over after the app crashes. Funny thing is not all disappear, the same purchased brushes from a certain vendor always remain.
  6. How does this work? What is it that you achieve when importing a LUT category? Where are these found? I know how to import LUTs but not categories.
  7. Where are these onscreen modifiers and how do I use them?
  8. How do I change an existing brush stroke to a new brush , but also keep the same stroke size? When I choose a new brush it defaults to the original size it was made at.
  9. So if I've already searched for something in the stock panel and I see the results, I then enter a new search and the results don't ever go away to allow it to search for my new search. Sometimes it works but I have to fiddle with it so much that I just go the website. Please fix.
  10. Could we please have a couple options to the stock panel. Maybe slider to increase their size? Or medium and large options?
  11. For some reason I get a red X next to a category I don't have in my assets. I click on the red x and see the error of Bundle download failed. How can I access these again?
  12. Support, see my file to see if they can make out what is going on with this file, it seems to crash when I attempt to modify the pattern layer (grey metal panel in illustration). PATTERN BUG.afdesign
  13. This has stopped for the time being, I'll let you know if it continues.
  14. If help is my friend how would I know what to look for from Help if I don’t know what this is?
  15. Hovering descriptions would b a great addition here, thanks.
  16. Can someone tell me what this is or what it does?
  17. I thought I could add brushes to a category I created on Photo for iPad? I get the category name and then, I import brushes, the only way I know how, and it makes it's own category for each brush set I import. I don't think this is working correctly.
  18. I'm seeing a lot of this lately in the latest update. Things don't render fast or not at all unless I zoom in or out to jog the renderer to complete. Also color fades in the time of rendering for a moment then the right colors come back. This is a file that has been thrown back and forth between Photo and Designer but I'm using Designer a bit more.
  19. Well I did find a workaround- contrast negate blend mode. Just paint over the mask in the paint blend modes drop down when you have selected the brush tool. Works pretty good. Not what I think I should have to do but it’s available.
  20. Thank you. The artboard was preventing me to see the bleed. But since I almost always work with multiple artboards for a promo, I would like this functionality even with artboards.
  21. Is there a way to invert a mask? I see the right click menu only has these options. It would be awesome if you could tuck this functionality right in here with the others.
  22. In Designer, Is there any way I can view what's in the bleed? Like I can in Publisher.
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