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  1. Is there a way I can freeze the top row height of this table? I set up my table with the right amount of columns and rows but the overall size is wrong. When I pull the handles to stretch to right size, all rows stretch including the one I'd like to keep stationary.
  2. Can you please make the Ripple filter work the same as Photoshop?
  3. Can you relate this to my comment please? Look at it as a suggestion then. Maybe not the same storage but a form of storage.
  4. I know that we all get 10 GB of account storage for this forum, wouldn't it make better sense to use it in our app store account and let us upload assets, brushes, images, etc. to it so that when there is a crash we can just re-load our stuff back into the apps? I would love to see this happen in the future. It would be really handy.
  5. Is there a way that all vector brushes can automatically begin with a sharp point so that we can avoid the big blob that gets created when you’re trying to make a brushstroke?
  6. Is there a format other than native .afphoto that will retain layer mask on export?
  7. I see the definition but there is no tutorial to explain. I need to see images! lol Add Global Source—sets the currently defined sample origin as a global source for use in other images. Remember to select a source using -click first.
  8. Is it possible to batch edit raw images and also add a presets under the basics tab? Which by the way, does this preset one creates here, does it include all settings in this tab? White Balance, Shadows and Highlights too? The attached video is old but this essentially what I want to be able to do.
  9. I need to fully understand this filter but I don't know where to find a tutorial. Please help.
  10. Please add brightness and contrast to the texture portion of the brush settings. It makes a world of difference to be able to adjust this.
  11. I noticed in my original post I had a slightly different explanation of the issue, but most certainly recently now I am losing all the installed brushes after a crash. The original post I posted I said that some brushes were staying installed after a crash.
  12. I lose all that I install from my iCloud account. The through the app purchases stay.
  13. Added note: the brushes were all for my desktop that I since have installed on my iPad Air 4th gen. This may not matter but thought well I wonder if the brushes being that they're a little different in that the desktop version may have some sub brushes or something else that the iPad version cannot handle? just a thought oh and they all come from iCloud account storage.
  14. I don't believe it has anything to do with a certain pack. When all was fine, I had Frankentoon, Retrosupply, True Grit Supply, DAUB, as the main ones, plus all the ones I have purchased through the app, and others from Gumroad. The crashes seem to occur while doing virtually nothing out of the ordinary, maybe switching tools, or moving a layer to different place, I wish I could remember what happened the last time, but it was so insignificant what I did that is what I can't explain it. I will say that I am a brushes addict! and I tend to just pile on and pile on the brushes. Like I have all the Retrosupply, all Frankentoon, all DAUB, almost all TrueGrit, so many more from the app.
  15. Seriously the crashes on iPad need to stop deleting my added brushes.
  16. How to do I increase and decrease a brush size without changing the settings? I have a speckle brush I made but every time I decrease the size of the brush the "pattern" does too.
  17. I tested the stamp tool on an image and I found out that stamping on current layer is accurately stamping. While Current and Below stamping is not. I've noticed that when I stamp from current or below the stamping is always a wee bit off. Not bad at all, especially to the untrained eye, but I've noticed its always been a bit fuzzy and now I see that there is some accuracy discrepancies. I hope this gets looked into.
  18. When I created a style with a gradient on the fill and on the stroke and saved it, I thought the style would apply on my converted to curves text but it didn't. The fill gradient always applies perfect but the stroke gradient is always out in left field and I can't figure out how to get it be on the shape I want it to be on. The image attached shows just where the app wanted to put the stroke, no where near my shape.
  19. I've used VS and it's pretty amazing and I agree with you that the wait is going to be forever (It's almost getting close to 10 years after this year, 2014 is Designers birth year) and that is something that a lot of people probably can't stick around for to get features that we've been waiting patiently for. Personally, I am really at a crossroads with Affinity suite. Love it but I can't stand to see others make leaps over and over it. From UI, smart tools, sky replacements, AI tools, warping, pattern making, Text distortions, etc. we've seen all these things, some in even the seemingly smaller companies making strides-see Vectornator, Amadine, heck Polarr even has a simple AI engine. I'll get off my soapbox now. For the record I've been a loyal supporter of Affinity since the beginning and continue to be.
  20. Can this method be done with Photo? In Photoshop you can select an images luminosity by going to the channels panel and CTRL clicking the RGB layer. I was going to try to do this tutorial in Photo, which I challenge others to do it BTW, but I don't know a way to do this.
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