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  1. I investigated more and it turns out that if there's an artboard, which there is, it will create all the swatches in the doc you see in the attached. But if I take away the artboard and leave the art only on a standard doc setup, it will only create the right amount of swatches. I have went ahead and requested to add color palette from artboard as an option.
  2. Please add Create palette from Artboard when artboards are being used.
  3. In my doc I only have 4 colors, but the function to create a palette from the colors gives be way too many colors. Is this a bug. I don't see how the app can see all these colors in the doc.
  4. Thank you for this! I was trying to do the same thing but I couldn't get my adjustment layers in the right place to do this. I first learned of this technique from PixImperfect on YT.
  5. I have a .idml file that I opened in Publisher and it seems this tip doesn't work but I think its because it says I don't have permission to access the files. Which I don't believe is the case in Indesign. It doesn't stop me at any point. Also in the case of the tip mentioned above I expected all files to update once I pointed one of the missing links to the right place but instead I get the attached prompt for every image that has me locked out. Hope this makes sense.
  6. I'm struggling with always marquee selecting the artboard when I don't want to. I start out outside the canvas to start my selection then I can't avoid selecting the artboard as well. Really frustrating to marquee select to begin with. Can't there just be a direct select tool like in AI? In Designer, this can only be done if you understand the groups involved inside of your marquee whether or not you be successful in selecting the things you want.
  7. Would like to see the ability to manually select where the "Enable Transform Origin" can be placed with a single click plus a modifier key like ALT like Illustrator does. It's such a "drag" (get it? --drag lol) to grab it always from the center and then drag way over to the place I'd like to quickly place it.
  8. Can someone please tell me what the Loading of a file is doing and why I can still work on the file if its in a loading stage?
  9. I always seem to come across this issue, there is a substantial delay to display the layer thumbnails. Is there something I can do or adjust on my Mac to remedy this? Just wondering if really high performing computers experience this delay.
  10. If I want to change a stroke weight in the field box, with the stroke selected, I put it stroke weight and press enter on Mac. But then when I switch to the move took with the V shortcut key, the V gets entered in the stroke size box. Finally I just have to click off everything to get it to work again. I don't remember this happening at all before.
  11. Would be great to save blend range graph profile to use on other images.
  12. When trying to change the settings of the end and beginning of a repeat brush- in this window, there is always huge lag. I hope there's a fix for this soon.
  13. Anyone experienced this? I had just loaded several assets in Designer, then I had a freeze on the app which I had to force quit it, and then my assets were gone after that.
  14. Can you add convert point with ALT click to go back forth between sharp and smooth. It would be useful to have ALT do both and not just convert to sharp.
  15. What do the people that are requesting this feature, use it for? I've used Image vectorizer from the MAS and it works fine in a pinch to get a quick clipart single color image trace, but seriously what does image trace get you that the tools from Designer can't let you do? just wondering
  16. I want a predefined brush stroke with a taper. Not one that I have to use pressure with a tablet.
  17. I can think of great things one could do if we could place symbols along a path.
  18. Sometimes I do sometimes I don't. Depends on what I'm drawing.
  19. If I create a solid brush in Designer with predefined tapered edges, I cannot get neither the pencil nor brush tool to draw such brush with taper, it will only create a solid brush. If the pressure profile gets added with taper then I do get the expected taper. What is the point of making a brush with these settings if it can't be drawn as set without help from the pressure profile?
  20. I had to delete some proprietary info from the original pdf so this is a copy of it but the issue is still in this copy. NTERIOR ELEVATIONS.pdf
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