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  1. Well, I can see that the Korean language input in Publisher is going to need a lot of work. Broken hangul syllables, multiple keystrokes recognized, etc.
  2. Matt, I believe you've done it. Fantastic! Hangul input now works swimmingly for me, at least at first blush. Haven't spent enough time with it to determine whether any weirdness crops up later — say, upon save or changing back to Roman-letter input — but it appears to be on the right track.
  3. I guess it's possible that High Sierra broke Korean input. However, all my other applications still correctly handle Korean text on High Sierra. Only Affinity 1.6 has this problem for me. I'd love to test 1.5 on High Sierra, but when I asked you in November how to downgrade back to 1.5 you told me it was no longer possible. If you can make 1.5 available to me I'll be glad to install and verify whether the Korean input is broken on 1.5.
  4. Korean hangul input still fails. I look forward to the day this is fixed, as I am tired of having to jump through my own butthole to get Korean-language text into a design. Any leads on what you've changed as between 1.6 and 1.5 that has caused the program to stop correctly handling Korean text?
  5. Still no fix for the Korean language handling bug. By now you ought to have a handle on what's gone wrong. By now there should be a fix. Any ideas?
  6. Still no joy on the Korean input method bug, I see. Alas.
  7. I am experiencing the same issue with Affinity Designer 1.6 (which I updated yesterday), subsequent to a concurrent update of High Sierra to 10.13.2 beta (17C60c), so I don't know if this is due to Mac OS or Affinity Designer 1.6. I tend to think the issue lies with Affinity Designer 1.6, inasmuch as Korean text input still works perfectly in all other applications. But I don't have 1.5.1 to compare against anymore. I hope we can work out a fix quickly. I've got some work to do that requires Korean text. Is there a download link for the older version?