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  1. Thank you all very much for your replies: I am most grateful for all of your comments. I was particularly pleased to read your comment, Mike W: "WebPlus should work into the future just fine. There is no compelling reason to switch right away." My situation is this. I have used various webplus versions for years and years. Last month my computer went wrong and had to be replaced. I then realised, to my horror, that I did not have the webplus x7 program disc. (Ithink I bought it online). Nor could I find any way of getting hold of it again as it was no longer supported. In desperation (and with huge relief) I managed to buy a copy of webplus x8 on amazon. When I loaded it, it immediately showed me a scary warning about smart objects being discontinued and website security. Here is a section: "A lot has changed over the last 10 years and the web has moved on. Hit counters and iframes are now frowned upon and server side administration has improved to the point that it's now possible for novice users to setup more modern forums, blogs, form submissions etc, all with ease and much improved flexibility. Security concerns are leading to all websites to need to move to https hosting in order not to be marked as insecure. The code generated when WebPlus exports the HTML of dynamic SWR objects does not allow them to be served up by secure (https) sites whilst being hosted on our SWR servers." I read the message very quickly (keen to look at my new version of webplus!) - did not entirely understand it, and experienced panic. My websites must be secure. Having read it more slowly now (had to reload the program on another computer as I could not find the message anywhere...), I am thinking that maybe I can stick with webplus. I do not use smart objects. I do not know whether I use iframes as I don't know what they are.... Do you think it would be safe for me to continue with webplus? Will it be able to use https if I don't use the smart objects?
  2. Hello. I have quite a few websites all created with serif webplus, a program which I absolutely LOVE. I have recently had to swallow the bitter pill of realising that I will need to switch to another program. I am really hoping that that program will be Affinity publisher. Is it possible to make websites with it? If not, have you any plans to make this possible in the near future? If still not, please tell me what to do. I am extremely good at using webplus and so would need something as similar as possible. What program could replace it without too much pain and suffering on my part? I have absolutely no idea of how to choose one. It was the perfect web building program - I am beyond gutted that I am going to have to go elsewhere.
  3. Further to this, I also now cannot get the update for affinity photo to work. Has designer messed up affinity photo? Should I delete it?
  4. Hello. I have downloaded the affinity publisher beta and attempted to open it several times on my surface 4 pro, but it will not open. The computer says it is incompatible. I am running windows 10. Please can you look into this and fix it. I am dying to try this program. Thank you.