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  1. Thanks.. I ended up figuring out the vector masking and used the pixel erase tool to remove stuff outside the rectangle that I didn’t want..


    I think ultimately what I probably wanted was to select the rectangle.. then select the stuff under that layer and clip away everything that was OUTSIDE the rectangle... I really wasn’t understanding the clipping instructions though and just went with the masking operation instead.  


    Lots to learn as I find myself using Affinity Designer everyday now that it is on my iPad. 

  2. I am having trouble here also.  The instructions in the app seem to leave me hanging on a ledge with no further help..  from what I am reading, I want to use the vector mask feature.  I have a rectangle shape drawn as my top layer and I want to use it to crop all the layers below.  Sounds like Vector Masking is what I want but the instructions go no further than telling me this is what I want? 




  3. So when I was working on a file this morning there was a “ghosted” curve that was floating around when I opened the layers tab.  All the other curves would scroll but this one particular curve sat behind them all.  


    Now I opened another file hours later and the ghost layer object from that earlier file is showing up here too.  This curve doesn’t even belong to this file.  Lol. 


  4. So I am creating a project.  I am copying an object that needs to be duplicated on 4 sides.  When I place these objects on the horizontal plane and rotate to the proper orientation on the canvas I can no longer move the, with the move tool. Instead the only thing I can do is rotate or resize...  I can post a screen capture later if this isn’t something known.  

  5. Hello,


    Ronnie McBride created a really nice rope brush for me and I am wondering if it's possible to apply a fill to the brush shape, not the path which the brush follows?


    The image I am working on now is attached and what I am trying to do is fill the rope shape with a fill.  I've tried a few things but it seems the brush pattern isn't recognized as a shape to fill?  The only way I found I could add a fill is to rasterize the path with the rope brush applied.. is that the answer? 



  6. Hi jgowrie,

    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

    As far as i know nobody has shared a rope brush in the forums yet.

    I've compiled a list of a few of them here but i'm sure none of them is what you are looking for.

    Have you tried to create one already? It isn't that hard...


    That is a great resource page!  Thank you for the link.  No, haven't tried making one.  I guess I could but my skills are very basic using AD.. 

    I whipped up a couple of rope brushes for yah. Hopefully, this will work for you.


    1. Click to download the Mixmediasalad.com Rope Brush


    2.Unzip the file.


    3. Open Affinity Designer.


    4. Open the brush palette in the Draw Persona 


    5. Click the options icon in the top right corner of the palette.


    6. Select import brushes from the drop down.


    7. Navigate to where you saved the brush file.


    8. enjoy 







    Downloaded and thank you so much!  I have seen some of you Youtube tutorials and I always get something new from watching.  

  7. Hello,


    I was searching around for a ROPE brush that could be used with AD.  Something to simulate the rope pattern in an image like this maltese cross... 


    Does anyone have one made up they are able to share?  I did find a tutorial for making one within illustrator and I would imagine I could follow it for AD if nobody has one available. 


  8. Crabtrem..  thank you !!  I'm very grateful you took the time to help out and give me a file to look at so I can see what you did.  Really, thank you!!


    Looking at your file makes me wonder why I never though to look at the shapes tool and investigate that.. I have to take a course in Affinity ;)  Even the PIE tool is something I never thought to use for making the rockers.. I would just trace that with the PEN tool!  I tend to make things hard on myself  :wacko:

  9. Hi.. 


    I am a bit of a noob and I just hunt and peck my way through until I figure out what tool I need to use to duplicate something, or till I come close enough.


    The image attached is of a military patch that I need to duplicate as an image file.  The black and white checkering around the circle seems like something I should be able to maybe apply to a line using a brush.. yes?


    The way I am looking at this project seems to be that I could create two circles and apply the same brush to each and just rotate the circle after so the checker pattern looks right.. does that sound about right to the more experienced designers here?