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  1. Hi Chris Thanks for your time. I got Affinity from the Apple Store when setting up Catalina. I guess it could have been an install glitch, will follow your guide above but I am away from that machine for a couple of days so there will be a delay.
  2. Yeah no problem. Not doing my job as a tester really should have attached the crash log. It was generated by Apple when Affinity crashed. I might uninstall and reinstall to see if that fixes it but will have to wait till later in the week. Affinity Crash.pages
  3. Hi OK a video created and attached. Hope that helps. Thanks Screen_Recording_2020-06-14_at_19_25_52.mov
  4. Hi I would like the report the following error. I have used the Search facility but not seen anything reported. Affinity - 1.8.3 MacOS - Catalina 10.15.5 Mac is iMac 27in 2019. Open Affinity Photo Go - New Document Presets dialog opens Click on Preset (which should be empty) Change the Values in the Page With and Page Hight (values are imaterial) Tab out of the Value fields Click "Custom" now at the top All of Afffinty Photo closes and you are left on the desktop Apple did capture it and I have saved the log file it and can attach if required. NOTE- Doing the same actions in Affinity Designer worked without the crash.
  5. Hi. I have been using Affinity Photo for a while now and used the Forums plus Video tutorials when I get stuck with things. I am no pro, just a cack handed amateur, that likes messing around with images. Do like Affinity but have only just scratched the surface, should get more adventurous and get Desgner as well, but think I will hold off till another day
  6. Hi Mac user here. I got the latest up date to Affinity Photo and missed the free download on the Welcome Screen, first time round, clicking the > icon, soon found it and then had to create a Shop account and now have downloaded the free items. Now need to learn how to use them
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