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  1. Hello Gabe Followed your advice from above and yes that worked, I can now see the profiles in Softproof Thank you for your help.
  2. Is it? They were part of the installer package that was with the Canon Printer Installer I downloaded when Big Sur was released, I looked at the info but it I did not see anything about it being a "package" plus I could see them if I was in Affinty Photo and went File -> Print -> Colour Matching and picked the ColorSync option. That might explain the issues. The ones I use most is Canon IP8700 series GL2 and Canon IP8700 series GL3 paper profiles.
  3. I have tried that as well as this KB was linked to in another thread and I am aftraid the same issue, I can see the Burb.icc profile (which I imported using File -> Import ICC Profile) in the applications BUT none of the Canon Printer profiles, when looking at the Softproof Adjustment Layer.
  4. Im glad you put a 'smiley face' at the end of that comment because I find your reply rather patronising and I work in QA and would certianly not have accepted that as a "professional reply". Would you like me to screen shot every part of the Softproof dialog? Do you think I am so stupid that I have NOT scrolled through all the icc profiles to see if your "suggested" work around had infact worked when importing profiles? I realise that this may be an issue raised with Apple but I still fail to understand how YOUR software fails to load up icc profiles and it appears I am not alone in this issue looking around the forum. As you seem so full of bright ideas Gabe, would you be so kind as to suggest some other solution I could use to get the profiles in the Softproof or do I just uninstall all this and switch to Adobe?
  5. I can't, that was one of the suggestions from a while ago and also on your KB article BUT I have tried this several times and nope cant see them. As in the following: Import as File -> Import ICC Profiles Pick up Profile (it does not matter where they are the result is the same) Layers -> Adjusment Layers -> Softproof And no Canon Printer Profiles (yes I have scrolled up and down the list) so your work around at the moment is not working for OSX 11.2 Anything else to try?
  6. Well, nope, still cant see any of my Canon Profiles. I did try the 'Reset' button BUT that is for when you are making adjustments, make a mistake and want to reset what you were doing to the start point. Seems Affinity has not listed this issue in their fixes from the Release Notes that I found in one of the other threads. <sigh> not sure what to do now as I want to print some stuff but dont want to do a pile of test prints and waste paper. Looking back at my first post I realised that I did not mention the Mac OS which is 11.2 Big Sur.
  7. 🤣 not a dumb question but yes I have scrolled through the list. However i had not seen the Reset button i will try that tomorrow. Cheers 😊
  8. Yes if I go File -> Print and in the, I think its Colour section that asks you to pick ColorSync or Canon Printer if you click on the ColorSync then the Profiles can be chosen. Its just the Layer Adjustment -> Softproof they do not appear all the default like US Web, FOGRA27 show up but not the Canon printer ones. They did show in 1.8.6. Have you had any luck with them?
  9. Hello I have download the latest version of Affinity 1.9.0 suite and open up an image to print and when I go to Softproof none of my Canon Printer profiles are present. I have uninstalled Affinty Photo, Designer and Publisher then reinstalled the software. No printer profiles in Softproof. I have uninstalled the Printer dirivers removed all the places where I can find the icc profiles. Reinstalled the printer, no printer profiles in Softproof. In Affinity Profile I have used File -> Import ICC Profiles. No printer profiles are selectable in Softproof. I have put profiles all over the place, ColorSync, Library -> Containers -> Affinty Photo -> Profiles, and where ever the printer has placed profiles as well all the profiles are set to Read Only as you would expect (changing them does not do anything). What do I need to do to be able to see my Canon profiles in Affinity Photo / Softproof? Thanks At lest it is quicker to check as the software now loads on Big Sur quick.
  10. Apparently you can import the ICC profiles, it came from a similar issue I raised before I saw this thread, however I found that I could import one particular profile but not any of my Canon paper profiles and like you there is no colour control via print. Seems 1.9 is in the works so hopefully an update soon.
  11. Hi MEB Thank you for the pointer and I followed the solution, to a point. The Import ICC Profiles has allowed me to import the Blurb one but for some reason it will not Import the Canon Printer one, its about 3Mb in size and containes a bunch of profiles for the various papers. Using the Iport ICC Profile dialog it allows me to navigat eto the area where the profile is, I can select it and Import it, no error message is seen but when I look in the Soft Proofing menu they are not there, have tried a couple of times and also restarted Affinity but to no avail. Also the Print Menu used in Affinty also does not see the Paper Profiles nor does it allow me to Colour Manage either. Thanks, Knikki
  12. NOTE sorry after looking down the forum posts I can see there is a similar issue posted. Not so good with the surch function
  13. Hi, Affinity Photo 1.8.6 OS Mac Big Sur Machine 2019 iMac I have downloaded a Blurb icc profile and installed it in to the recommended Profile area on the Mac. However when I have an image open and go to Soft Proof (this is same in Photo and Designer) I cant see it in the menu, infact just looking again I cant see any of the profiles for my Printer either?????? (Apples Color Sync utility can see them) This is odd because they were ceratinly there when I had Catalina installed. So something odd with Affinty and the way it works with Big Sur? Big Sur hidding the profiles for some reason? Anybody and idea why I can't see anything other than the installed default profiles? Thanks.
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