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  1. Not a problem on my upgrade...I know this is not helping you but maybe a reinstall would correct the problem.
  2. I asked this same question a few posts earlier and got no satisfactory response. I should have kept the last update file to 1.7. My mistake. R. Burns
  3. I purchased app from the Affinity web site...Yes I am aware and have downloaded ver . 1.8. That's why I want to go back to 1.7. R. Burns
  4. Is it possible to download the last release of Affinity Photo 1.7.
  5. I use xnview mp which is a DAM and allows adding Affinity Photo in the "open with" tab.
  6. This will be my last post regarding this subject. What I can not figure out is why does the Feature Requests, Suggestions & Discussions forum have everything separated out. Could it be that it makes it easier and faster for the Affinity folks to respond to issues? Just wondering. R. Burns OP
  7. Glad to hear that....but the title got your attention R. Burns
  8. As the op I am gratified that others feel the same as myself. It does appear that separate forums has been addressed many times in the past with no action taken by Affinity. Either they don’t care what some of us might want or they have tunnel vision. The fact is the Three programs are different and all users might Only be interested in one of the three. Oh well I guess I will have to stumble through the entries to ascertain which apply to Photo, which is a very good program. R. Burns
  9. Being a fairly new user to the Affinity programs I have a suggestion. It is time to have separate headers for Affinity Support Questions. It is a big time waster to see a subject which seems to be an area of interest in one program to be addressing some issue in another program. Please separate the three products under the Support Questions header. Thanks R. Burns
  10. Open Affinity photo and bring up the help and search for "Batch Jobs". This might be what you are looking for. ROB
  11. I would suggest separating the Designer and Photo forums. I am a newbie to this set of programs and I am interested in the Photo subjects. I have gone down many paths only to find out hey are Designer related subjects. Just a suggestion. Thanks R. Burns
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