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  1. Mayk

    Exif issue in AP 1.6

    Right now have opened Event Viewer, run Affinity Photo, opened raw file. Searched for 'exiftool' in the system and application logs. There is no event that contains such text (((((
  2. Mayk

    Exif issue in AP 1.6

    pauls, sample file's been uploaded to your link. There was no prompts from antivirus or firewall about blocking of exiftool. Furthermore I've been tried to start AP with stopped antivirus and firewall and have got the same result - no exif in file in AP. Can you suggest, please, how to browse the 'event log'?
  3. Mayk

    Exif issue in AP 1.6

    Just now copied entire folder Affinity to 'c:\affinity', run Photo.exe from this path, open file... But nothing new - no camera data, no exif, no exiftool process (((
  4. Mayk

    Exif issue in AP 1.6

    I've seeked - no such process in Task Manager when AP 1.6 running.
  5. Mayk

    Exif issue in AP 1.6

    I've installed an ukrainian localization (official) of Win7. Path where installed the AP Total Commander shows as 'c:\Program Files\Affinity\' but Explorer shows 'c:\Файли програм\Affinity\'. Is this the case? But in AP 1.5 everything was OK...
  6. Mayk

    Exif issue in AP 1.6

    I think problem isn't in the file or camera cause files of my Sigma DP2 in 1.6 open in the same way (without EXIF). On my opinion problem is unworking 'exiftool' by some unknown reason.
  7. Mayk

    Exif issue in AP 1.6

    Here is last file I've just opened in AP 1.6. In Develope persona - 'No camera data' and 'n/a' in the fields of EXIF panel. In 1.5 everything was OK. Thanks. _DSF8646.RAF
  8. Mayk

    Exif issue in AP 1.6

    Hi! Is anybody here solving this issue? I read in other topic that "exiftool" process should be active in task manager along with AP. On my PC there is no such process when AP is working. What to do? This small bug makes AP 1.6 non-working for me. Sad (((((
  9. Mayk

    Exif issue in AP 1.6

    No. "n\a" in every field. When raw file opened in Develope persona it's similar - "No camera data", "n/a" in all fields.
  10. Hello! When open both jpegs or raws (from Fujifilm X-E1) in new AP 1.6 it erases all exif data. In v.1.5 worked well. What's the trouble? I need help. Thanks! ((((

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