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  1. I tries a couple of custom settings and the problem repeated. Mark' comment about not being at 100, or 125, 150 or 200% is correct and causes it. My Win10 laptop was set at 150% before installing V1.6 and no problem, my desktop Win7 was at custom 130% and that was a problem, reset it to 125% and all is good. So the default Windows scaling options should not cause any problems.
  2. Mark, not being at 100% was the problem. Thx Edited update, V1.6 is OK at 125% scale, when doing a custom scale that's where the problem occurs.
  3. My Windows display is set at 130%, I tried 100% same issue. (Screen res is 2560x1440 on a 32" BenQ monitor). Yes, That is a screen capture of my Affinity Photo showing the issue, your'e seeing what I am. In the lower RH corner of the Affinity window the Whole image is showing, on the work area it's cropped. When I do a control +/- the whole image shows for an instant before it goes back to what you see, Using the zoom slider the bottom of the work window will show part of it again just for a second. Thanks for looking at it. I will update my 1080P laptop to v1.6 and see if repeats itself.
  4. Need help, After installing the Affinity Photo update, with any file I open only 1/2 of the image is displayed. More of it will display for a moment when I adjust the size slider. Everything was fine with v1.5. (using an AMD video card) Thx.