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  1. @Sean P I am not sure how to use the windows update link you posted. I have windows 10. While I can find some versions of Windows 10 listed in some other links on the page, I'm not sure which applies to me.
  2. I scrubbed the app folder with BCuninstaller, but it's still crashing so. I have two, and can make more if needed. f558dcda-a042-4958-860d-fa4aed0b9db1.dmp f4bc1061-cb61-4981-b9ee-72b65bcf5bfc.dmp
  3. Hello there. I have searched for support on Twitter with no luck. I think I might have a DRM issue, but I will let you be the judge of that. I have both photo and designer installed on two of my personal machines. One that I take too the office and one that I keep at home. As of last week, both programs on both machines refuse to open, presenting an exception when the program interface loads. I have to stress, this happened at the same time on both machines. Above is the error I get. The number differs every time, but this is the basic message. On my office machine, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software, using the normal method and BCuninstaller (removed leftover files and reg entries) with no luck. On my home machine, I have formatted and reinstalled, again, no luck. This is something I need to have solved quickly as your products are part of my daily workflow and this causing me to not be able to work. Regards Dev
  4. Done. I have sent all the broken files. Additionally, do you want the originals as well?
  5. Not that I am aware. I have simply downloaded them off the samsonite marketing server and then resized them for optimisation.
  6. Thanks for trying! It's such an odd bug as well. Because it's clearly using layers to do some of these things... and that quite unnecessary
  7. It failed. I tried it with the "faulty" images, and it reproduced the same issue.
  8. Hello, When I batch process a set of photos, using a 1200px height restriction, no macros, and saving to a custom folder, the photos are processed with a few issues. Segments of the image are removed in about 50% of the batch. 5% have the image cropped, as to not allow the subject to be seen. The rest are fine, with the 1200px restriction. The first batch I did on another subject worked without issue. But no matter what, or how many times I install or uninstall, the same effect on the same images happens.
  9. Yes I am. Sorry for the slow reply, I had to work on other projects. I don't have a dedicated gfx card on this machine. It just has the Intel HR 4600 set on it. (that worked fine with the trial) I used --no-hw-ui, it didn't change the behaviour. I have since uninstalled it and used the newer version, but the problem persists.
  10. That's going to be hard as 4.7.1 ships with the fall creators update. Tho, 4.6.2 is listed as installed.
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