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  1. Hey Leigh! This worked! I had to set High precision tablet input (experimental) off! Thank you so much for your patience :) Hope this thread might help some other people trying to fix the same problem I had!
  2. Pixel Persona is also the same! As described, Affinity Photo works perfect. // Edit: uploaded correct image
  3. Hello dear Forum, I tried to draw with my Wacom Intuos 4 in Affinity Designer unsing the pencil tool in the software. The problem is that it is always drawing a staight line, even if I draw curved lines, using my pencil from my Wacom tablet. If I draw with my mouse/cursor, everything works fine. I also have Affinity Photo. There is no problem neither with my tablet nor with my mouse. Everything works nicely. I think it must be a setting issue but I can't find out what I have to click on. Would be awesome to get some fast answers, so I can start working today