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  1. I have downloaded a Windows trial version (it works in my very old Windows machine!) and, unfortunately, footnotes are not yet supported in IDML import.
  2. I can't test footnotes because I' using Mojave and it's not supported. Anyhow, I would be very grateful if someone could verify that footnotes are supported in IDML import.
  3. First releases of InDesign didn't support footnotes. Even now, QXP has a poor footnotes support.
  4. I like the Apub interface, much more than the PPlus one. PPlus had a very long history. Apub is still in the 2.0 version (nearly). Please remember what InDesign was in its 2.0 version.
  5. The video tells: "hundreds of new features". For the rest, it's a typical teaser. Maybe we'll see a second teaser on monday.
  6. The new version is coming. It will be a big disappointment if it doesn't include footnotes support.
  7. I am quoting https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/publisher/ipad/?fbclid=IwAR0moAEsCMQvJcemy4HRPoJf00KX6oI6p7MLEU8cGckP4Hrj44kyI05mts4: "We’re aiming to launch Affinity Publisher for iPad soon, alongside some other major developments to the rest of the Affinity suite!" Maybe footnotes?
  8. Currently, the only solution in Apub would be to flow the text of footnotes through a series of frames at the bottom of the pages. Time consuming solution, of course.
  9. QXP support for footnotes is acceptable but not very good. See the QXP facebook threads.
  10. I think it's perfectly possible if you create a Text Style with autonumbering for your note references.
  11. Unbelievable but true: just now, in 2022, I have received an InDesign file where footnotes are still formatted by hand, in frames created for that purpose!
  12. OK, I see. I had visited the Latest Affinity releases page but it is not updated yet.
  13. 1.10.5 version? Where? I am using 1.10.4 and if I check for updates, 1.10.4 is the last available version.
  14. I think split footnotes is a basic feature in footnotes support.
  15. I perfectly understand what is "intuitive" for me could not be so "intuitive" for others. It's a very subjective matter, but I am very comfortable in APub after having used PagePlus, ID and QXP. Anyhow, the desktop publishing software I like the most was my old beloved Ventura Publisher. Obviously, I'm old too.
  16. After having used PagePlus (for years) and Affinity Publisher (a year ago), I think the opposite: I feel more at ease in APub. The feature I miss the most is footnotes. In fact, all my work for publishing will be done in APub when this feature is supported. For the time being, it's impossible, because footnotes are essential for me.
  17. I am unable to reproduce this problem with Avenir and, particulary, Avenir Ultra Light, but I am using an Intel MiniMac.
  18. You're right. My mistake. I have updated the image to include optical justification in ID and QX.
  19. See the attached file for a comparison Apub/InDesign/Quark. I'll would like to receive your comments.
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