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    majkelos got a reaction from abarkalo in Lightroom alternative   
    Hi, just my two cents.
    If You will make app like Lightroom (DAM, presets etc) with fast of Affinity Photo Beta (Metal accelerated) You will rock the world
    Best regards!
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    majkelos got a reaction from LCamachoDesign in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (   
    Hi, does performance changes like in affinity photo are implemented in designer too ?
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    majkelos got a reaction from A_B_C in eGPU support   
    there is a good news,
    a switched now to metal again in Designer and there is no lag like before. There is high usage of eGPU (about 40%) but everything works smooth.
    They corrected something on final release 10.13.4 or that I switched display that's attached to the eGPU to the the primary system display helped.
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    majkelos got a reaction from ronnyb in eGPU support   
    Hi MattP.
    We have official release with support eGPU.
    And there is interesting documentation.
    Did You see that?: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/metal/fundamental_components/gpu_resources/setting_resource_storage_modes/choosing_a_resource_storage_mode_in_macos/
    Managed mode looks like good option for Designer software (that I think but I'm not developer).
    There is no copying data from main memory tu gpu memory, only synchronizing. 
    If You can make eGPU implementation better please for that
    I'm curious Your opinion.
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    majkelos got a reaction from weblackey in eGPU support   
    You, as developer have some special form of contact with apple devs?