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  1. I have seen the advert on the start banner for the A Photo Workbook - is it vastly different from the original version
  2. This is not new. Before iPhones and iPads the Mac was the choice of professional designers, photographers etc. I have worked with both over my 30 year career in IT. At the end I was responsible for all desktops, laptops, servers etc but had a MacBook Pro and iMac at home for my photography work. I would have loved to have replaced all the desktops with Macs but yes the cost is high but an Apple Desktop / MacBook had a far longer working life and still do. I would argue that it’s the same with the iPhone and iPad as IOS tends to work on previous versions. The Microsoft environment depended on the hardware installed so to manage a large stock of machines you could do this by building each one or use a disk image but if the hardware changed you needed a new image Also consider if the Apple environment is pitched still at designers, photographers ( Adobe have appeared a few times on recent Apple Events ) the the ability to use the same kit and ethos throughout the product range just makes things easy. You don’t have that with Android. Is there a desktop version? The take up of updated software is lower on Android. So there isn’t the same level of continuity. Not knocking Android - when I was younger I loved to tinker, built my on PC, and kept upgrading it. I probably would have gone Android - I was tempted recently with the Hawei 30 Pro just for the camera. Still have a dislike of Microsoft only because when they were ruling the roost they treated business clients really shabbily.
  3. Did you get a reply. I haven’t got a CL but I use just Leica bodies and lenses birth 35mm and MF ( SE ) and there doesn’t seem to be much coverage especially the MF side
  4. I was looking for this too. Also I like the ID method of using the arrow keys in conjunction with the frame tool to split the size of the master frame into a number of smaller frames with a set gap between the frames
  5. I also have a Font Awesome Pro License and I will add my vote for this too.
  6. I can vouch that it exists - it’s very green and very heavy - I have started on it yet but flicking through the pages the content looks good
  7. Don’t apologise about your English it is far far better than my italian which consists of pizza and espresso
  8. Remember when you got 576 discs to load Mi rosoft Office and a quarter of a rainforest in manuals. Our software now comes as Apps. If you buy a printer how many people use the enclosed disk, in fact how many of you have a disk drive? Same with manuals - if your software comes as an App then you get on line help and if you buy a physical product most people got to the website to get the latest. saying that I have just bought a Plustek Film Scanner which comes with 2 manuals and a DVD for the apps and software
  9. Hi everyone I’m Paul. I’m a photographer and have been since I walked away from my “proper job” in 2008. I have been a Mac user from the early 2000s after I picked up a G4 PowerBook. I did in the early 80’s use Apple IIs for controlling machines ( I worked in pharmaceuticals ). My “Proper Job” was Head of IT Operations and my team managed a large estate of Windows based servers and PCs - I vowed when I left I would only use Apple. I even got my first iPhone, 5 minutes after they were released. I now run iPhone 6s Plus, large iPad Pro, 13” MacBook Pro and 27” iMac with the 5k display - oh and Apple TV and my network is handled by an Apple Airport Extreme - yes I have incredible Apple Acquisition Syndrome and possibly more money than sense and will be changing to iPhone X later in the year I really want to use Aperture but Apple saw fit to drop it so now I use Lightroom and Photoshop by subscription but I occasionally do some web work and use Illustrator for logo designs etc. I also use Capture One instead of Lightroom - mainly for my personal work as I believe the RAW conversion is far better but the UI is not as intuitive as LR. I very occasionally use Indesign so I pay the full rental. My aim is to work through the Affinity Designer workbook and if it works for me drop my Adobe subscription from £47 to £10 ( roughly) per month. i am looking forward to a version of Designer for the iPad Also I am keen to support UK businesses especially from Nottingham
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