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  1. Hello, in the beta version for Publisher when we paste an picutre in the picture frame (Paste as Content) there is a small icon when we click on it, it's automatically fit the picture in the picture frame but I can't see this icon in the final version this was a very useful feature why you removed the in final version.
  2. Have you added support for Unicode fonts? I have to do a lot of work in Hindi Unicode fonts but they are not working properly the same also happens with Arabic Unicode fonts.
  3. Hello, I try to type some text in Hindi in Unicode (Google Fonts) but it's not typed correctly but when I copy the same text to other software it shows correctly the same thing also happens with Arabic although I don't know Arabic one of my clients ask to just copy and paste a text in my document he also complains that text is changed, is I am missing something or you don't support it common Affinity Guys you developed an awesome software but now you are not improving it in last 3 years no major updates avaiable and you even didn't complete half of the Roadmap features you posted 2014, we doin
  4. Much later means in 2030 common, as you advertise it took 5 years to develop this software but in last 3 years you didn't implement 50% or the roadmap features, now you don't have the advantage of being a "New Software" this app is 4 years old now. I am waiting for multiple page feature which is very important for Graphic Designer.
  5. Hello, Affinity Designer is great app for designing but also great for Website and App Mockup but why I can't export PSD as editable text this is a really important feature for only this function I need to go back to PS every time I do Website or App Mockup because 90% of my clients want Mockup in PSD with editable text if this feature is not available please implement this as soon as possible ( I search a 2-year-old post requesting this feature) and I say goodbye to PS and AI. Also if anyone knows any workaround for this please help me.
  6. Hello, When I open a PDF file in Affinity designer everything looking correct (vector objects) but all the images are looking pixellated or very low resolution. Images looking very good in my PDF viewer (foxit) it there is any option that I can select so I get good quality images also while opening PDF file I choose DPI as 400 but I got same result.
  7. Ok, that I can choose color while exporting but if I edited a JPEG and remove background now try to save it directly as flatten image why the background change to black is there is an option to save with white background like photoshop.
  8. Whenever I try to export or save an image from Transparent background to flat background (JPEG) the color of background always change to black instead of white like in Photoshop is there is any setting or way so if I export a PNG file or save a jpeg file as flatten the background color should be white.
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