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  1. I perfectly understand the licensing model of the App Store and its implications. I apologizes if I sounded rude; didn't mean to offend anyone. About the buttons: I could argue that yes, they advertise a single platform purchase, but I was so naive I thought I could download the Mac version through your portal anyway once my purchase was verified. Of course, it's my fault being an expectation I only built by myself according to the policy of other players in the market, and I take full responsibility for it. Anyway, I understand that this is your business model, and I respect it. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit my needs.
  2. I see. Unfortunately this is a major drawback from me, not to mention the "ethical" side of the matter: I want to buy Affinity Photo and use it on any my device, not having to buy it twice. Unfortunately I see no other options than return it.
  3. Hi all. I just bought Affinity Photo since my trial was expired but apparently there was no way of resetting it, planning to use the 14 days money back policy should I find the need to (but really hoping to stick :P). Anyway, since I use mainly a Windows PC, I bought the Windows version thinking I could somehow use the license key on Mac OS. Now I'm looking for a Mac download to use AP on my MacBook but apparently the only link to the Mac App Store, which obviously asks me for a new purchase. Is there no way to download a "licensable" version of AP to use the same key? Or I should buy it again for Mac?

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