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    LLM reacted to Alfred in How to repeatedly duplicate and rotate an object ?   
    Please note that the default position for the centre of rotation is the centre of the object. Before transforming the duplicated petal, you will need to move the rotation centre to the position where you want the centre of the daisy to be.
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    LLM got a reaction from pioneer in useful keyboard shortcuts   
    I may be coming 'late to the party', but I've found a couple  things that have speeded up my workflow which I want to share.
    Sometimes  I want to edit an object but I don't know what layer it is on. Thanks to Serif, I click on the object and then use Ctrl/Cmd  +  K and the layer becomes selected.
    Thanks to Carl Surry,  I now can use Alt/Option + X to get Black and White.  I  took his other advice to customize my own shortcuts--although  because my hands find Shift easier than Alt/Opt, I used Shift for a modifier key.  Now I can create new a new layer or a new mask layer, or get to my most-used Live Filters directly from the keyboard.
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    LLM got a reaction from yeffdaley in keyboard shortcuts for blend modes   
    I couldn't find a way to set a keyboard shortcut for the following 'most used' blend modes
    Normal, Multiply, Overlay, Screen/Softlight
    Photoshop uses a Ctrl+ Shift+ a letter (M, S, F,)
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    LLM got a reaction from Alfred in Affinity Photo Workbook   
    Thanks to Alfred for the link. and to Patrick Connor for checking on  the other link.  I love compositing and look forward to doing this chapter
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    LLM reacted to Alfred in Affinity Photo Workbook   
    I don’t think you should be sharing workbook resource links here, but the ‘girlportrait’ one took me to this CC0 image on Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/en/portrait-woman-hairstyle-elegant-1754894/
    The ‘snowmountain’ link tried to take me to a page on Unsplash (where, as on Pixabay, the content is freely available and redistributable) but I got a timeout error.
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    LLM reacted to jedorme in Affinity Photo Workbook   
    As another old dog (age 77), I find the workbook much more helpful than trying to learn from the videos.  I recommend going through all of those chapters that pertain to your photographic interests or needs, & doing those lessons with the download files.  Then I have gone back & created notes from my underlined text in each chapter which hopefully will become a workflow outline for my use of AP.  The process of returning has helped to reinforce the skills they work to develop.  Now I plan on just seeking out those videos needed to fill in the holes that may still exist when I start to really use the app as my photo editor.  But the lessons have already got me using my camera differently to be able to incorporate things learned from the workbook, like exposure bracketing, which I had never done before.
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    LLM reacted to toltec in alter interface options   
    Sure, rearrange them by dragging.
    Drag on the name, i.e. Styles but there is no Filters panel
    You can also drag layers off the studio onto the desktop and set a shortcut. That way they appear just when you want.
    Hide "Stock" by unticking it in View > Studio.

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