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  1. You can do that with: CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S I've also need that but I find this solution... Maybe a quickly way like an icon can be better...
  2. +1 but I think they will add this feature when they will finish to develop the Affinity "Lightroom" that they have on roadmap. So we need to wait!
  3. Hi, I ask if you can implement the voice of "Bleed" also in the "New Document" Panel. Another thing: The translation isn't correct at 100%: "Bleed" is to translate with "Pagina al vivo" and not with "Smarginatura". It is correct but in Italy nobody use Smarginatura when we're talking about the part that will be cutted. Thanks
  4. To resolve that maybe a voice in options can be useful... If it is possible to implement!
  5. Are you sure that you have to pay 55€ per year with Affinity? Where you read it? EDIT: However 145€ is not "a bit more than 100€"
  6. Ahem... 35€ per month. Other programs want a payment for life... Where's the convenience?
  7. K, hope u find that useful and a good suggestion for the next versions
  8. So ok, you could be right but I'm still requesting that the edit of the raw have to not be cancelled after I press Develop: I really need to open the RAW editor more than once time... I also can use Lightroom and after open to Affinity but I find more useful have the editing within a click...
  9. But If at the end of the blending action I'm not satisfied for some edit (too less shadow recovery and with a jpg I can't recovery the shadow like a raw, tint, clarity, etc.) I just need to do a double click on one object to open it with all my edit and fix it (also more times until I'm satisfied) instead of open again the raw, try to remember all my edit (or load it one sheet per one), fix what I think is wrong, press ok insert it to the file to work, apply the mask and hope that's good because if it isn't I have to re-made all this steps again and again...
  10. Mmh... That's not the way that I think... Please check my video in attachment to understand Video_2017-10-30_102258.wmv
  11. Ok, I know that, it's just .psd for AP and that's not a problem to understand but in PSD the raw can be opened as Special Object and with 2 clicks on that level and PS open Camera Raw with all the edit as you done it and ready to be changed. There's also the possibility to "Duplicate a copy of the object" to have the same raw (without enlarge the size or engraving the pc performance) ready to be edited in two way completely different and later with mask you can blend them together [I can do a raw-edit for the shadow and midtones with cold mood and, duplicating the raw, you change only the Temperature and the tint (keeping the edit below intact) to edit the shot for a warm light. After that with luminosity masks you can blend the second raw only with lights powering the contrast]. When I'm at home this evening I'll upload a .psd file of my last shot to let you understand how I work a landscape with high contrast
  12. Ok, We need to change and I agreed on that. But if I can't work also with adjustement levels on my raw I lose MUCH potential of my camera recovery. And, again, if my raw become instantly a jpg and I lose all my edit data of my raw what benefits I'll have saving that as .afphoto?
  13. Ok I've understand your way to work. But in a landscape shot I need that I can edit my RAW also after many actions... I also need that the raw do not become a jpg because I often need to create two edit of the same shot and blend it later or edit and I lose all my shadow recovery potential... So if you don't want to let that AP save the edit (mah...) please let me use the RAW with edit while I'm processing it... However you tell me that I need to save the file as .afphoto but I will have a simply file (of 200MB) without my edit included but only with the results of them in a bigger JPG... I don't find it useful... maybe if I upload one of my work you can understand why I need so much that my raw still stay that until I don't save or until I press Ctrl+shift+alt+E EDIT: I don't know how much you stay or how you work on your shots but trust me that people like Enrico Fossati, Mythlands, etc. work on their raw more than once because the step to transform it in a jpg is just after many levels...
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