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  1. Another piece is a logo for my small project.

    PACZ STUDIO (reads as: PATCH STUDIO in Polish, and it's transle as  fonetic LOOK/WATCH STUDIO) is my new investment into myself, but this is story for another time :)

    I made it simple, and bold for reasons.

    If You have any suggestions, feel free to comment, but right now I don't think I'll be changing anything about it.


  2. 12 hours ago, Trex said:


    I'm thinking of getting a Cintiq 13HD and basically wonder what kind of computer I'd need? Like does it work with basically any moderate laptop or do i need something more powerfull? 


    Let's get it straight:

    You need a PC that have HDMI and USB (for 13HD, 13 PRO needs usb 3 type c, and display port), at least tablet have nothing to PC - this is just a pointing hardware and work's just like a monitor.

    More powerful machine let You work more efficient with large format works - and it's based on my own thoughts.

    My spec:

    Wacom Cintiq PRO 13, 22HD Touch and some other brands like HUION.

    PC: i7 4790K, 32 GB of Ram, and  Geforce 1080 (non ti version), and it works just fine with large canvas sizes and many vector objects.

  3. Hey there, from time to time I will post some of my pictures, so feel free to visit and put some feedback. 

    All presented works are made for fun - my commercial works stay where they belong for now.

    First image is done quite quickly about 40-50min in AD, and as You can see there is still problem witch jagged lines (fast drawed lines like on sweter).

    Here is Jerzy Kukuczka, one of greatest Himalaist of all time.


  4. 46 minutes ago, peene.biber said:


    please consider an integration of video clips in the created publisher documents. At the moment this is only possible in web pages but for manuals etc, electronic documents this will be very helpful and if I can open the final document in a pdf reader or in an auto-open mode I feel this will be a good advantage and offering new possibilities. Michael



    Also enormous file size, some kind problems according to video codecs and formats. Better way is linking to streaming media platform such as Youtube or Vimeo.

  5. 4 hours ago, Michael Sheaver said:

    There is another EXCELLENT program that is right under your nose, and you missed it! It is called Fusion

    Yep, i notice that, even already installed some time ago, but after years of using AE, i just cannot sip into it. I give it shot in near time though.


    4 hours ago, Michael Sheaver said:

    Affinity Designer very effectively, even for posters and multi-page spreads.

    AD is not suitable for part of my job, where i need to design many spreads in periodic magazines which i working on, it's just not designet to be able do this like AP or ID

  6. Ok, so after long break from drawing/painting today I've struggle so much in AD for inking my artwork so I've just returnet into AI for this job.
    Every circle so do lines was faulty in AD, drawing for first seems to be just right but when pen was lifted almost any shape was broken.
    Another thing is that AP didn't pick every line from pen, so it was very painfull to draw anything.
    I've attached video about first issue, on the left side is AD and right one is AI.

    faulty tablet drawing.mp4

  7. 9 hours ago, MikeW said:

    I doubt that the feeling Adobe has is nervousness. I would suspect they are watching and making plans, though. 

    I Feel the same, Adobe is for long time on the market and peoples used it for years, and simply they will not switch to learn new ways to do stuff, and for last - this is a big suite, nowdays graphic designer is NOT just a graphic designer, it's more obvious to be motion designer also (After Effects, Animate CC) or Video Editor (Premiere Pro). Adobe has solutions for that and for that simple reason switching is a such problem. My freelance worklfolw right now looks like so: AD and AP for graphic design, Davinci Resolve for video editing but Adobe with his After Effects and InDesign still remains. And those two last program keeping me to continue beign screwd by ~63E per month subscription.

    If You know any good alternative to AE, please let me know.

  8. If You look closer at that wooden background, somethins is just not right, the facture and knags, are to big, unless it is coat for ants :D Try to scale background way down, if needed duplicate multiple time (semless feathering get job done)

    Also lighting is off, on the flor is from right to left but on cout in oposit way from left to right, look at casted shadows by rinkles.

  9. 14 hours ago, Pšenda said:

    No, it's automatic. You only have to confirm.

    Maybe in Windows store/App store version, buy directly from Affinity this is not how this works.

    Everytime there is an update I just get information about that. Then I need download update file from website and install it manually.

    This one thing is better done by Adobe witch CC desktop app where evey piece of software can be easly updated/installed/removed.

  10. OK, so there is some possibilities like:

    1. Merging all purchuised software into one (like a hub)
    2. Making easier switch to "Edit originals"
    3. Fully featured editors inside Publisher like: Raster and Vector Editors
    4. More awesome solution, we don't even imagine...

    I hope, in AP there will be functions like:

    1. Fast and robust preflight (this is must have)
    2. View Modes (from fast previews up to print previews)
    3. Ability to work on hundreds pages without problems (well optimized)
    4. Spell checking (in many languages)
    5. Many master pages
    6. Tool like data merge (or it's better brother :))
    7. Styles for: Objects, paragraphs, characters and so on
    8. Easy end fast media containers to use
    9. Advanced font and acharacter proporties
    10. Saving and exporting in background
    11. Clean grouping solution
    12. Easy link manager

    And also I am affraid of:

    If it would be as powerfull as we love to be, have many great features AND would be integrated with other software (damn You @MattP:)) AP would be  much expensive than rest of Affinity software family, or it would be insubscription plan. If not, holly molly, there will be no brainer to switch for Affinity in whole. 

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