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  1. Excellent. I'll install it on my laptop first just in case. The last time I used this was an early beta on a USB drive so I haven't had a chance to test the most recent ones.
  2. I thought someone may have replied to this by now, quite an important question. Mojave has been out for a week (and beta for some time) so a Yes or No from the developers as to whether it works or, if there are any issues and to hold back updating to Mojave.
  3. Cheers.... just tried before reading this and the Mac Version was dead for me. Just re-installed the free version (well, I paid for it originally) and all is well again on latest Affinity Photo and High Sierra. So glad they brought it up to date
  4. Cheers, I figured that would be the case. In PS, you always see the brush you use even if the size changes.... changing the size isn't really changing the brush, it's changing it's properties. The same way as changing the brush dynamics doesn't stop the brush from being highlighted, your just adjusting the brush properties. Creating a category is ok if you know which brushes you want but when you have 30+ brushes in a category and you're working your way through them to see what fits best it's very hard to keep track of where you are up to. Hopefully this will be resolv
  5. This has probably already been reported but couldn't find it. Selected brush indicator disappears when you change the size of the brush. Makes it a bit hard to fin which brush you're using if you have a lot. Affinity Photo for Mac.
  6. Yeah, apps on iPhone & iPad in general are not as stable with this release. It's been a little while since it's release (longer than usual)... hopefully this means they are fixing a lot of stuff!
  7. Running the latest IOS 11.3 beta 1 Affinity Photo will not export. You get a white screen and nothing happens. Tried reinstalling, Rebooting device but no difference. The files that are imported in to AF from iCloud are from Capture One Pro 11, both jpg and tiff files. If I create a file within AF and go to export, this works ok. Exported same file from Capture One Pro 10 (which I know works fine with 1.6.5) and the same thing happens. Unable to test the latest Beta iPad version. I sent the request through for test pilot but not received a respo
  8. Same issue here. Crashing as soon as I selected AP preferences. Nik Software plugins had previously been installed prior to High Sierra update. Clearing user data via CTRL got m back in to AP. Also noted some strange dialog boxes when opening standalone Nik apps. Demo or Buy etc so I uninstalled all of Nik, emptied trash and rebooted. Downloaded a fresh copy of Nik from DXO (who now manage it) and installed it. Setup a plugin folder again in AP etc and now both AP and Nik work in harmony. It seems that the High Sierra update may have messed with Nik and unin
  9. Thanks.... yeah, it's a mixture of blemishes and cloning out. Just found the Beta release so I'll install that to see how it goes. So far, 1st impressions are really good. Probably haver a few ore questions once I get finished with this job. Thanks Edit. Inpainting is a lot better in the Beta! Thanks
  10. Desktop Version on a Mac Pro 2013, 32gb Ram, 2x500 video cards 6 core version. Using the Inpainting brush on a tiff file and every half 6-12 dabs removing blemishes a time bar pops up and it stops for about 5-10 secs or more before I can carry on. Any advice ref settings etc to avoid this? Any pointers would be great... might have to use PS just to get this job out the way for now. Thanks
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