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    Maarten Langeveld got a reaction from RichardMH in Soft proofing sRGB not working   
    Dear developers,
    Soft proofing sRGB is essential when publishing on the web. Affinity Photo fails to soft proof sRGB (other colour profiles do work).
    Why are you completely ignorant and silent. At least you could admit it is not working as it should...
    Kind regards,
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    Maarten Langeveld got a reaction from NotMyFault in Issue with sRGB export profiles in Affinity Photo   
    See above. You are complete right. My apologies. I could not reproduce my claim about export function.
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    Maarten Langeveld got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Affinity Photo's (absence of) colour management   
    Thanks, Good to know !
    I have calibrated my monitor using Spyder, which has created a wide gamut monitor profile for my standard monitor preset, this Spyder generated profile I have installed as default profile for my display in Windows Colour Management. But since Windows itself is not colour managed, the Windows GUI looks very over-staurated, so when doing regular tasks websurfing, e-mail etc. I switch my monitor to built-in (i.e. in the monitor itself) RGB profile. When working with Affinity I switch my monitor to (wide gamut) standard preset and like with Windows GUI, Affinity GUI looks very over-saturated.
    Edit: for some reason cannot reproduce over-saturated colours with Affinity. Have installed all profiles again, and now seems okay! Probably did something wrong that I have looked over. My apologies.
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