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  1. Jon nicholson

    error message

    I M using affinity photo for iPad pro
  2. Jon nicholson

    Working Black and white

    Ok I’m really wanting to learn more general bW as i use nick software on my laptop but need to do it in affinity on iPad Pro thanks jon
  3. Jon nicholson

    Error message

    Hi iPad Pro affinity unable to export images dbqueued upload manager error domain...... as a working photographer this has ruined my day any help please. thanks Jon
  4. Hi I am getting the operation could not be completed DBQueued upload manager error domain error 0. i am a working photographer and this has ruined my day all works fine and then boom cant get my pic out. any urgent advise please. thanks Jon.
  5. Hi i am a Leica M user and shoot a great deal of black and white, used the NIK in photoshop but now doing workflow on iPad and affinity working well. Is there any tutorials on working on B/W once processed, the one that is up now relates to converted colour. Thanks Jon.
  6. Hi I am a Leica user and use the monochrome a great deal is there any tutorial or can you do one for working with a grayscale raw file and developed image? Thanks.