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  1. Thanks - this has solved another problem I had in that double clicking on file from finder would open afdesign file in afphoto. The icon is still the wrong icon but after doing what you suggested, the file does now open in affinity designer so that is one thing solved thank you. Now I will go back to look at the other suggestions for the preview issue.....
  2. Hi just checked and Show Icon Preview is set. Thanks will look at your next suggestions now....
  3. Hi I can no longer preview afdesign files from finder on the mac, I just get a giant icon where the design preview should be. I think this may be since the upgrade. Also, the file icon is actually the afphoto one I don't know why all my afdesign files have the afphoto icon! Can anyone help?
  4. Hi I purchased a font from my fonts today (mila script) and when I have tried to use it in Affinity Designer, none of the letters join up. I tried the TTF and the OTF versions to no avail. I know the font is sound as it works fine in Apple Pages. Can anyone give me any advice? Thank you
  5. Hi I don't seemable to print landscape, am I missing something? The ability to do this without faffing about with massive pdf files is critical to my workflow and business. Also, despite setting print settings to my specific requirements for the type of textured card I print on (envelope, fine in this instance) The print out is not coming out accordingly - the finished article looks more like plain paper, fine. It is working fine with illustrator, just not AD. Any advice gratefully received. Shelley
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