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  1. I have a jpg and in the Layers panel it shows it's a pixel and the Inpainting Brush Tool won't do anything. I click on the Move Tool and click on the image and right click to scroll down to click on Rasterize and nothing changes. The Inpainting Brush Tool did work great, but now it won't. Am I missing something? Could I have accidentally clicked something that turned that off or what? Thanks.
  2. There is a black box that shows up on my canvas, but it only shows up on Photo, not Designer. If I delete Photo and reinstall it then the box is not there, but when I close Photo and reopen the box is back. See screen shot. Curt
  3. curtds

    Color Picker Tool

    When I click on the Color Picker Tool in the tool bar Affinity Designer closes. The Color Picker Tool in the panel hasn't done that yet, just in the tool bar. I've tried it in 1.5 and in the beta, it happens on both of them. To make sure it isn't my computer I also cleaned it with Onyx and it still does it.