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  1. SimonZ

    Bug on Mac, how can I reset?

    Yes, the problem ocured with every picture. CMD + D didn't help but reseting finaly solved the problem. Thank you very much! Have a great evening!
  2. SimonZ

    Bug on Mac, how can I reset?

    Thank you very much for your quick reply! Yes, the Inpainting Brush Tool (the one I selected on the posted photo) doesn't work anymore. I don't know why.. Can I reset Affinity, etc. to fix that? I allready deinstalled the App and reloaded it on my Mac.
  3. Hey people, I have a huge problem with affinity. If I press the restore Button, it marks something but it doesn't go dark red and it doesn't work.. I don't know what to do about it. How can I delete everything I have chanced? I even deleted Affinity and downloaded it again. I am using a 15' MacBook Pro with Touchbar and the latest software.. A screenshot is attatched. What can I do? I am very greatful for every support! Have a great evening, Simon