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  1. Been using Affinity Designer with BetterTouchTool disabled and it seems to be working fine. I'd say the problem is fixed!
  2. Hi Chris, Thanks for testing this out. Seems like we may have found the culprit. I haven't had any issues yet with BetterTouchTool disabled for Affinity Designer, but I don't think I've used it long enough to fully tell. I'll continue testing today and try and report back tonight.
  3. Hi Chris, Thanks for the response. Good thought about one of my other apps causing the issue. Here are the apps I had open: - BetterTouchTool - BetterSnapTool - mInstaller - Adobe Creative Cloud - Tweetbot If any of these apps was to cause the issue, my guess would be BetterTouchTool. I'll try disabling it for Affinity Designer and see if that fixes the issue. There were no USB devices plugged in, so the problem must be software related. If the problem persists with BetterTouchTool disabled, then I'll give the beta a shot. Thanks for your support, Stetson
  4. Dear Affinity Team, I recently started using Affinity Designer for doing graphic design work. Unfortunately, I have encountered a bug making it challenging to complete my work. Issue: (please see attached 30 second videos) Affinity Designer will randomly start scrolling infinitely in one direction in the middle of working on my projects. Steps to reproduce: Exact steps are unknown. Seems to happen within about 30 mins of using Affinity Designer for me though, and it has happened every time I've launched Affinity Designer in the past two weeks. How I've tried to fix it: - Reinstalled macOS and Affinity Designer - Rebooted Mac - Reset NVRAM Still no luck. The only way to get the scrolling to stop has been to close my current document and re-open it. I would greatly appreciate any assistance in resolving this issue. Thanks, Stetson Doggett Affinity Designer Bug.mov Affinity Designer Bug 2.mov Affinity Designer Bug 3.mov
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