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  1. Still no solution? Same problem even in affinity beta 1.7.xxx
  2. The latest one, 64 bit
  3. AF Photo Crashes when trying to launch PortraitProBody PS plugin in filters... The plugin is called PortraitProBodyPSFilter64.8bf The error says Unhandled exeption has occured Any idea how to fix this? Thanks
  4. Is there any alternative tool or procedure to one known from PhotoShop which makes match the color space of target image from source image? In PS its in Image - Adjustment - Match Color... Thanks
  5. afarkas

    " ´ " symbol system wide on AP launch

    No, sir, no such program installed. The described anomalia appears only and solely after Affinity Photo launch. Once - does not appear until next AP launch. Appears each and any time after AP launch no matter how many times AP is launched... Even, does not matter whether i launch the regular AP, or the Beta... both of them provoques this anomalioa... No any other software does...
  6. Anytime i launch Affinity Photo on my windows 7, there is the ´ sign that appears system wide if i try to type something in any text area... Example: After launching Affinity Photo i go to my web browser and visit facebook and try to type in a messenger message " Hi bob, how are you " the result is " ´Hi bob, how are you" ... The ´ sign issue cease to exist after the initial appearance... after that any other typing in any textarea is OK... But closing AP and relaunch it introduces the little ´ devil again... for one appearence... (it is there even in password forms) What the hack is this?
  7. Yes, it keeps the size, opacity and so on, what does not keep is for example in clone tool the option Aligned Source or Not... Also the Crop tool does not keep the Original aspect ratio option and so on...
  8. Tools like Brushes, Clone, Heal etc tools resets for each new image processed... Is there a way to make them preserve the last state/settings??? Its anoying to start over with reset default settings each time
  9. Thanks much. Yes, if i first export and save than, its without warning at closing
  10. Thanks. Can i install the beta along with my ordinary install?
  11. Is there, please, any roadmap or expected timesheet for improving macro recording capabilities? I would like to check it out... The "Can not record" error message just pops out way too often... Thanks
  12. Hi, cant find solution for this: When i working on a document, first i save the final state as .afphoto file, then i export the image (as tiff) Each time when closing the document then i got a warning that it wasnt saved and whether i really want to close it without saving... Is there a way to disable this dialog? Thank You
  13. Holy Crap... it was just under my nose Thank you very much
  14. Hi everyone I need some advice... I saved curves adjustment as preset and also HSL adjustment as preset... Now i would like to apply that same adjustment on an other image (apply/call the preset) but i am unable to find the way to get to that saved presets... Any advice how to do it? Thanks