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  1. rdegani

    Node Tool

    Hi MEB, Thanks for the reply, good to know! I was wondering if there could be a reason behind this behaviour, but if it's a known bug it's all right... Sometimes when you have multiple points close to each other it's hard to shift-click each one, that's why I needed the marquee to work. I've worked around it by adding middle points to the lines on less crowded areas and shifting them slightly so I was able to marquee-select the end points and move them where I wanted. Then I deleted the middle points. Not super easy, but it worked for what I needed! Obrigado! Rodrigo
  2. rdegani

    Node Tool

    Hey there! Have started using Affinity Designer for a few personal projects, and although it's a great tool, sometimes it has some behaviours I don't quite understand... For instance, I'm trying to use the node tool to marquee select a few nodes across different objects and I just figured out that whenever I have a straight line that just won't work (see screenshot). Is that behaviour intentional, or is it a bug? Thank you! Rodrigo

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