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  1. My problem is still aligning the pixel tool to the grid, and I don't want to draw in low res
  2. I am already doing so but the pixel too still moves by pixels an not snapping to the grid when pressing
  3. Sorry for being so dump To make grid go to (View > show grid), Then go to (View > Grid and axis manger) there you can edit spacing, opacity ETC... Then press (snapping (Magnet) > Snap to grid) Here we come to the boring part (There could be better way but that what I found for now I will edit this If I find a better way to do it) Make a square with the square tool resize it and snap it to the grid Duplicate it and repeat the process for every pixel you want to use make a square with every color you are going to use now choose all squares your going to use the same color with and use color picker tool and choose the color you want. If I am wrong with any part please correct me.
  4. This is an example if what I am trying to make, In adobe illustrator there is a tool that called rectangular grid tool Image below, so is there any similar tool in affinity designer, or any tool that allow me to make pixel art.
  5. Hello, I am thinking on making a game in a pixel art style, could anyone help me with what I am doing, I searched in the program and the web on way to do this but I found nothing
  6. Dear serif. I am a logo designer. I bought affinity designer for logo designing. Every logo designer needs mockup But affinity designer doesn't have warp effect so you can't have mockups. The only way to use mockups is by buying affinity photo (50$). Dear serif. Be sure that i won't pay another $50 And if i didn't get the warp tool in the next update be sure that i will leave this program
  7. Thank you, I wish that you add this feature as soon as possible cause I really need it but is there any other way that I can achieve with the same results (without afp)
  8. hi, I am making a mockup and I am trying to achieve the effect of skewing (not shearing) as shown in the image below the right edges of the picture is closer to the center than the left ones I am sure that this feature is right there in affinity designer waiting for us to use it because the image below is taken from the official trailer
  9. I have an image that I am trying to color using affinity designer I tried changing the fill color but that didn't work also I tried converting it to curves but that didn't work either can anyone help me please?