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  1. Somewhat frustrating to say the least. I have been having problems importing portrait orientation NEF images from Photos on my iPad. This problem has existed for some time now, although it never existed in earlier releases of the application. The issue has been mentioned by me before and after assurances this would be fixed I had high hopes with this recent update. Sadly, the problem persists. My workaround is to save the files to the file system and use import from cloud which works, but what a pain! When importing a portrait orientation NEF image from Photos the imported image is very low resolution and reversed in the horizontal plane. It’s highly pixelated and quite unusable. Please either resolve the issue or just let me know it’s not going to happen.
  2. It used to work, and I hoped this latest release 1.8.4 would resolve the problem, but no. The problem persists. Now to import a portrait orientated photo into Affinity I must save it to files first then import from there. Affinity will import something, but it’s a mirror image of what it should be and very small and pixelated. Any chance this can be resolved? PLEASE!!
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