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  1. Chris Thanks for the reply. I also noticed that the less complex the background the more reliable it is too. Much happier now ! Cheers
  2. Done some more testing and it appears that you get better results the more images you have. Maybe 3 wasn't enough to be fair. I was probably over critical and was thinking I'd just wasted my money. Again, to be fair, it's excellent value for what you get.
  3. Very disappointed. I'll be honest, I only really bought Affinity to do one job, which was to remove 'object/people' from Photos. Having bought it yesterday, I tried the stack/median method and I took three photos using a tripod ensuring my subject (stuffed monkey) placed in three separate positions to make sure the background content was clear (i.e. no overlapping of subject). I now attach the result.You can see my subject in at least 2 locations. Any ideas, before I try and get my money back!