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  1. No, I was actually suggesting that Affinity would have done market research. But I am wondering whether their research was simply how many potential customers use Linux now, as opposed to say how many users are likely to use Linux in the future, and if it is more cost effective to secure dominance in its ecosystem now than compete for it later. Microsoft has proven many times that they cannot be trusted with user's privacy and because it has the lions share of the OS user base, it also means it is the predominate target for virus and security issues As for Apple I think they hav
  2. I think this would be doing the job of a paid market researcher. That said if it is about selling which is difficult to do in Linux as you said "app store", and that you can't guarantee the product will work across the many distro's. So.... Perhaps they can sell Affinity products with optional cross-platform at higher price tag . So instead of selling Windows Affinity for $100 they could sell it for $200 but give users access to Mac and Linux downloads. I would be very happy to pay extra for a single purchase cross-platform product or extra for an upgrade option.
  3. I think Affinity needs to get involved in the Linux community for 3 reasons. As Microsoft, Apple, and Google tighten their monopoly, they become less innovative. Also they cost more (app wise), devour privacy, and become less secure. More and more people will be going to Linux in the future to escape the giant corporations increasingly toxic ecosystems. Linux has had a long record of poor UI implementations. This is changing fast as they move to a culture of flat design principles and easy OS installations. Lack of any real challengers in Linux the environment will be very b
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