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  1. Strubbel1970

    Black screen on Mac (split)

    OK. Worked. Region and language to english UK. Thanks a lot for your immediate support !
  2. Strubbel1970

    Black screen on Mac (split)

    No. Does not change anything. Switched my System Language to "english" and my Region to "U.S." I uninstalled Aff.Photo as completely as I could, did a restart and a fresh install. ???????
  3. Strubbel1970

    How to update

    Morning I tried to update my Xrite Affinity Photo Mac to 1.6.8 but it doesn‘t work. please see my post (it seems to be moved to this new thread)
  4. Strubbel1970

    Black screen on Mac (split)

    Right. This post should appear under a different thread „How to update „ in the Questions Forum. I got Affinity Photo via an Xrite promotion and therefore can download the update to 1.6.8 in my Affinity Store Account.
  5. Strubbel1970

    Black screen on Mac (split)

    Affinity Photo 1.6.8 (Affinity Store) on Mac OSX does not work. I get a black window without any functionality. I cannot avoid it, if I close it the starting screen stays forever.
  6. Strubbel1970

    How to update

    Ok. Obviously Serif is not able nor willing to upgrade the Affinity Photo 1.5.2 owners who got the app with an XRITE purchase. No reaction in this forum, no offer, no explanation. Obviously Serif is forcing us to purchase Affinity Photo 1.6 again for full price. I really like Affinity Photo as I like Affinity Designer on my Mac. But after experiencing Serifs "enormous" interest in their users, obviously I will NOT purchase any further Serif products. @MEB: Thanks for your dedication
  7. Strubbel1970

    How to update

    Any news for the Xrite purchasers ? Why don't you just make possible the download in the Affinity user account ? ... I should have make my registration just 2 days later ... no AP 1.6, no extra content
  8. Strubbel1970

    How to update

    As I understand, the Xrite Promo purchasers are currently not able to update Affinity Photo and we will not get the free content. Deadline Nov 16th. Mmh ....
  9. Cool ! Thanks for your immediate support !!
  10. I purchased Affinity Photo 1.5.2 directly via Affinity Serif Store and have an account there. Unfortunately there's no option to download version 1.6 for Mac. Will that update be possible and when ?

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