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  1. If you want to preserve layer structure try exporting your pdf using the PDF/X-4 setting.
  2. It could be the colour profile setting for your monitor. Check it out.
  3. Colour swatch creation in Affinity Designer can be improved by incorporating the following: 1. There should be a command in the application which enables a user to generate swatches or swatch groups from multiple selected objects or to create swatches from used colours in a document. At the moment you can only create a single swatch at a time and this is counterproductive. 2.When creating these swatches, the user should be afforded the choice of whether they want to create a local or global swatch. 3. The swatches should automatically be labelled according to their channel values e.g. C60 M100 Y8 K0 4. A command to merge two or more swatches should also be made available. I believe if the above suggestions were to be implemented, it would help make creating swatches in AD a breeze. Thank you.
  4. I don't want to edit my whole document in Photo. I only want to edit the selected image. Things get kind of fuzzy when I select "Edit in Photo" because this command forces my whole document to be opened in Photo. Scenario: I select an image in Designer and select "Edit in Photo". My intention is to change the color format for the targeted image to Grayscale. Guess what happens? The whole document is converted to Grayscale! When I select "Edit in Designer", the whole document opens up in Designer as Grayscale, where as I only wanted to affect the single image. I prefer the Adobe way: select an image in an Illustrator document and choose edit and the image (not the whole document), opens up in Photoshop. Do your edits and save. The image updates in the Illustrator document. Simplicity. Please Affinity act on this enhancement.
  5. Spot on Michael. Another issue: I am not in favour of Designer closing the file to be edited in Affinity Photo. I find it very unintuitive. Can't we just edit the file in Photo without closing it in Designer? After editing, a simple save should update the file in Designer.
  6. Voila! I think that's what most professionals are looking for: tight integration between Designer and Photo. This will also work very well for users when Affinity implements the link images feature in Affinity Designer.
  7. I am privileged to be testing out the public beta release for Affinity Designer. I have to say I found myself cruising in familiar territory (what with hints of Serif Drawplus, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop all rolled into one) … Whoa what a great program!! Please allow me to make a few pointers or wishes here: Eyedropper functionality needs to be improved at least to Serif’s Drawplus level. I am missing the Gradient sampler option… There is need for a tool like Serif’s Drawplus Format Painter. Pencil tool like Serif’s Drawplus. Hide selected / unselected objects functionality. Check out how object selecting is done in Xara Designer Pro. Their use of the modifier keys makes their program a delight to use. It’s got arguably the best selection methods… Inside the program, I need to be able to select & place multiple images at once (even though there is a work-around i.e. drag and drop from Windows explorer…) Option for linking / embedding when placing images. Adobe Illustrator Isolation mode for isolating groups or sublayers in order to be able to easily select and edit targeted objects without having to ungroup the objects. It's easier to make edits on selected objects when all the other objects outside of the group are dimmed and locked. Affinity can alternatively incorporate something like Xara Designer Pro's Edit Inside Mode or make use of the Solo Mode technology already in Serif’s Drawplus. Affinity Designer is already doing something more or less similar to this when working with embedded documents. Gradients on strokes? I want to be able to select and copy path segments. Introduce Symbols like Adobe Illustrator’s or Xara Designer Pro’s Live Copies and Repeating Objects. I want my Adobe Photoshop to be able to open my Tiff files created with Affinity Designer. I want my Affinity Designer to be able to open my Serif Drawplus files. I know that all these things are achievable.