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  1. Great points, and I *really* want to like Affinity. The decider, though, was I also wanted to learn Illustrator, and to get Illustrator, you have to subscribe. If I'm going to get PS, might as well use it. It's unfortunate - I'm considering a career change into graphic design or something similar, and not many companies are requesting Affinity (or Pixelmator) experience. I'd love to tell Adobe to stick it too, but for now, I have to maintain the status quo. I'll be watching from the sidelines.
  2. Thanks for the input, maybe it's all for naught. I tried to do some basic editing techniques in Affinity, and while some keyboard shortcuts are the same, many or not. I don't have time to relearn everything, and certainly don't want to have to start dragging photos out of Photos just to open them again in Affinity. Great product, nice to see a PS competitor, but I've been using PS for too long to relearn it all. Maybe I'll check out Pixelmator instead and see if it matches up.
  3. Sorry if this is readily known/searchable, but I didn't find it (and am running out of time on my 10 day trial!). I am running macOS High Sierra (10.13) and trying Affinity Photo 1.5.2. I right click a photo in Photos (Version 3.0 (3201.11.120)) and select "Edit With -> Other -> Affinity Photo Trial", it gives me a warning that editing in Affinity turns off Live Photo, and upon clicking OK, it pops up a dialog that says The application “Affinity Photo Trial” cannot open the specified document or URL. I'm assuming this is due to the new *.heif format, as it does work on *.jpg. I realize I can drag a photo out of Photos to my desktop or whatever, but this is an extra step or two. I'm bravely converting my 45,000 image library from Adobe LR and PS to Photos and maybe Affinity. I expected to give up some niceties, of course, but was hoping it wouldn't become a pain. Thoughts? Frank

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