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  1. Likewise, I am also interested in making photo books and wondering if Affinity Publisher is the right choice. Also, will there eventually by an Affinity Publisher for iPad version too?
  2. Affinity defaults on pixels for the ruler measurement. Can I change the default to inches? Thank you, Tim
  3. Hi, I don't want to call myself a newbie, but I can't find a perfect way to make a print from my Canon 3:2 aspect ratio camera image to a Hahnemuehle A5 photo card (which actually needs to be 21.7 cm x 15.5 cm) . All cropping and resizing features either are not the exact dimensions that will fill the borders or they stretch and distort the image, which is unacceptable. So this is what I am trying to do. My image starts off as a 3:2 aspect ratio picture as a Canon RAW CR2 file, but I need to crop my final image to exactly 21.7 cm x 15.5 cm at 360 dpi for my Epson printer. I am pretty sure that Photoshop and Aperture handled this task without distorting the image. Am I missing something, or does this require 50 steps?
  4. How do I I find the Info Panel for Pixel info like RGB and K values, etc. Photoshop just calls it Info by the histogram display.
  5. I found the issue. I downloaded could be a newer driver from the Apple Preferences app. I also selected "Epson SC-P600 Series" and not "AirPrint." I don't know if it makes a difference?
  6. Hi, I am running AP 1.6.6 and do not have the "Color Matching" option in the drop down selections with my Epson SC-P600. I tried both an ethernet connection and a USB connection. Neither work. Any ideas?
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