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  1. I have no idea how to reproduce it. Nothing new has occurred, but I've been using the export feature to make sure I have a backup of each file I work on now just in case. Do you have any information about how to recover a file that won't open after working on it in Affinity, or where it's located so I can attach it in future post to this forum?
  2. Ok now I see what's going on. Seems the Photos app doesn't use file names. So what else is Affinity to do but name the file Untitled. Just ignore this post.
  3. I have had problems with some images edited in Affinity refusing to open. I discovered there was a naming conflict between two files in the browser section. The name of one file had been assigned to another file resulting in two completely different image files in the browser having the same name. Checking the original raw files on the flash card one had the name _dsc0026, and the other _dsc1009. Seems some wires may have got crossed in Affinity.
  4. I'm noticing files are not retaining their original name i.e. _DSC1019 etc after importing from the Photos app. They are renamed Untitled in the browser window. To retain the original file name I have to share them from my FileBrowser by Stratospherix Ltd.
  5. I'm having the same issue. Random image open failures. I tried to open a file I haven't worked on for a couple days and got a "Loading Failed" message. Duplicating the image a couple times produced the same result. This is quite disappointing. Version on an 12.9" iPad Pro with 512gigs. iOS version 11.0.3. I would also like to know how to recover the image.
  6. I am in the same boat as others in this thread. Version 1.6.5. iPad 12.9 iOS 11 512gig. This is something new, it had been working just fine then suddenly anything I do to a multi layered file crashes the program. Four or five layers is enough to cause the issue. The program crashes soon as soon as I hit the arrow to go back to the image browser. Another curious thing is soon as I open another app Photo will open as well. The image is unharmed by the crash and opens to its pre-crash state. The problem not limited to one image.
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