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  1. Producing nice prints is fine but for my opinion a"VITAL PDF" may be another very interesting output. For education or information etc. integrating video material is a necessary step. No one says, a pdf must be like a still photography. At the moment gifs and videos are not supported, please rethink that point, thanks
  2. hi, please consider an integration of video clips in the created publisher documents. At the moment this is only possible in web pages but for manuals etc, electronic documents this will be very helpful and if I can open the final document in a pdf reader or in an auto-open mode I feel this will be a good advantage and offering new possibilities. Michael
  3. Hi Mr. Moderator, no its not necessary to copy Illustrator one by one. But its necessary to offer a competitive product. Designer is not a competitive product now. Your business opportunity is to offer a competitive product or you will be in line with a lot of others only saying its competitive. No at the moment you have lost your focus, sorry folks at serif. Lately its a professional market and you are only knocking the door. entrance hasn`t happen and will not happen if you are not quickly moving. In your case its a lot of money and investment and finally -most important - the enthusiasm of your team you are loosing by bad management decisions.
  4. Having an Illustrator alternative is fine and the initial feature load was impressive. Anytime now its silent and there seems to be a lot of activity but no real big improvements in the near future. So a rethinking of the efforts of a company seems necessary since having a good start is not enough. 3D effects or working plug ins are examples - from my personal view - hardly needed and still missing. I know, not all things are possible at start but start is a long time away now. So I feel redirecting is necessary Thanks folks Michael
  5. Yes, I hardly support the straight lines tool with variable end caps / arrows, In science you are lost without that and in a lot of other areas they may be used too. So please give it a high priority, also I am reading you are very busy to get the hold suite done. In general: congratulation, --- but the straight lines and the end caps... Thanks
  6. Hi, thanks, I now but sometimes there are changes, so I got also the request from Book editors for the hardcore Adobe way, sorry. thats the reason.
  7. Hi, there is an option to import .ai files but I am missing the option to export a file in that format. Is there a workaround? Manually changing the file extension to .ai does`t work. For exchanging Adobe files with others, this option may be useful.
  8. Hi, my name is Mike. I am an anesthesiologist using software to illustrate things for publishing, so I am really happy for Adobe alternatives.
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