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  1. After a couple of uninstalls and then re-install, the tools work when I open Affinity as Administrator but not when I just open it. Really strange, it's never been like this with previous versions
  2. I've now got the latest Luminar working with Affinity. I tried two options. 1. Download the Luminar 4.8bf file from here https://www.dropbox.com/s/layqech6gif6x4n/Luminar4.8bf?dl=0 2. Try https://skylum.com/account/support and follow the Instructions for PS Plugin after a lot of messing about I'm not sure which worked
  3. I've just this morning updated to version 1.8.4 and the Selection tools brush is not working nor is the colour picker tool
  4. Looking at the Luminar Forum it appears those using PS and Lightroom are having the same problem as we Affinity users, which would suggest that Affinity is not the problem. https://community.skylum.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360009396820-Luminar-4-3-won-t-launch-as-a-Photoshop-Plug-In
  5. How about a LUT/Preset Persona/Browser along the lines of Nik Silver Efex, Topaz Studio, Luminar and others? Having to load LUTs on a one by one basis is much too slow and cumbersome. It would be great to be able browse, preview and adjust on one screen
  6. So do I, I use Bridge to view them (deleting where necessary) and then process in Affinity if required. However, sometimes, I find the need to do a quick process before deciding whether or not they have potential or need binning. ACR was/is excellent for that, Affinity is not for two reasons:-1. It takes too long to do it on multiple files and 2. You can't save the processing for use afterwards without exporting to another file format.
  7. The point about having one button, rather than 4, in the Develop Persona is that it allows a quick assessment of the possibilities of a photo, or group of photos, without wasting a much time. In ACR you can then save the RAW file, with adjustments, without adjustments, process it further or bin it. It would also be nice to be able to save a file processed in Develop as a RAW file rather than Tif, Tiff, PSD, jpeg or whatever takes your fancy. I tend to do most of my basic processing in the Develop Persona and very rarely use the Photo Persona for basic adjustments. As an aside, the latest version of Affinity Photo seems to have made cropping in the Develop Persona more time consuming, unless I've missed something.
  8. I agree, editing multiple images at once can be useful as can an AUTO button, if only to see if an image or group of images is worth further effort. These are the two features I miss most now I'm not using ACR. It would also be nice to import settings on previous ACR edits into Affinity so saving effort having to start again when you want to adjust pre-affinity photos.
  9. I am switching away from Lightroom and currently am doing all my editing in AP. That is not the problem, the problem is with all the images (hundreds, possibly thousands) historically edited/developed in Lightroom that I may want to revisit without having to start from scratch again or without having to pay a subscription to Adobe.
  10. Thanks for the prompt response. Is it something that is being considered?
  11. Is it possible to open RAW files in Affinity Photo that have been developed/cropped in Lightroom with the crop/development applied so that there is no need to start again or will Affinity only open the original RAW file?
  12. I opened a raw (dng) file taken on my Pentax k3 II about 18 months ago and when i started to work (develop) on it I noticed that Affinity photo had cropped both edges, significantly. I then tried some more recent images and they appeared to be OK. I then tried some images taken at the same time as the cropped one and cropping has also occurred. If I open the same files in Lightroom no cropping occurs. I've attached the file _ALA9287.DNG
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