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  1. It seems that these macros can also be applied to a group; a group combining several adjustment layers and/or filters for instance.
  2. Crashes when I select two specific layers which are: a picture frame containing… a picture, plus adjustment layers a group containing several picture frames (pictures + adjustment layers). Each time I try to select the two Publisher crashes. I also tried with a brand new document where I pasted those two layers, same thing happens. The faulty layer seems to be the #2 containing 4 picture frames (each containing a picture and a curves adjustment) with an unsharp mask adjustment layer on top of the 4 picture frames. AP 1.8.3 macOS 10.14.6
  3. After failing at subtracting I "succeeded" by using Divide in first place, delete the extra layer, then subtract. Will it help?
  4. My workflow can sometimes go like this : - Capture One Pro generates a PSD file and passes it to Affinity Photo - In Affinity Photo I add a Curves layer and make adjustments on the Master and the Red (for example) channels - Add an HLS layer and make adjustments to the Master channel AND to a color channel - Save the PSD file (the General tab in the Preferences is set to Enable save over imported PSD files) - Close the file - Capture One Pro sees the PSD file correctly. Fantastic! Now the problem occurs! Actually if I then reopen the PSD file in AP all the different l
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